Storm the Wall Official Song: Video and Lyrics

While Storm the Wall is intense, it is also pretty funny – just like this rap written about the event

Storm the Wall Official Song Lyrics:


I’m gonna Storm a Wall

Don’t have any reason not to rock it

I – I –sprintin, swimming, bikin, running

This is flipping awesome


Verse 1:

Uh, walk up to reg like “what up, here to storm a wall”

I’m so pumped but, damn, better not fall.

Rain on my face, it’s so damn chilly

That people like “Damn! We gonna get so muddy.”

Rollin in, hella deep, my Norco bike got the speed

Dressed in spandex, cept my running shoes, them Nike Frees.

Draped in a wet towel, swimmer standin’ next to me

Probably shoulda listened, wall guarder giving deets

(wriiist to wriiist)

But man! This thing’s hella intense!

Stretchin it, retching shit, bout to go and take some supplements

Passin’ by this REC event puts somebody in the 1 percent

But me and friends is runnin’ it

 We is swimmin’ and bikin’ and

Stormin’ this honey and I’m hella happy that’s a winning sitch

I’ma climb a 12 foot wall, I’ma climb a 12 foot wall,

No for real – check the wall – that mo fo is 12 feet tall

Muddy grubby thighs and some bruised elbows

Got my butt touched by some sweet tender hands below

We had a tall teammate, we used that tall teammate

I got kicked in the nogen, then kicked in my heart rate

Hello, hello, no face plant, no strip show

Andy White ain’t got nothing on my storm game, hell no

I could take some shortays, lift em up, let go

The Hindmarch’s would be like “Aw, his grip like Velcro”


[Hook x2:]

I’m gonna Storm a Wall

Don’t have any reason not to rock it

I – I – sprintin, swimming, bikin, running

This is flipping awesome


[Verse 2:]

What you know about Stormin’ a wall with your best friend?

What you knowin’ about putting a bib on with a safety pin?

I’m swimming, I’m swimming, I’m stroking right through the contest

One man’s wave, that’s another man’s draft – blessed

Thank your Grandad for that big carbon light bike

Else I would have cycled a trike

I’m at the East Mall, you can find me in the (bike trans)

I’m not, I’m not sick of lapping you in that section (bike trans)

Your roomy, your girlfriend, your RA, you’re gloomy

You’ll tire out that baby booty, other hand, we rock that mother lover

You turn the run into a walk oh you mother lover

You hit the mulch you’re in shock like a mother lover

They be like “Why do Storm? Ain’t got the time.”

I’m like “Yo – it’s a degree requirement”

Storm competition, it’s a UBC tradition

Degree prerequisite – now that’s some mandatory credits (yup)

I call that a campus pop quiz (yup)

I call that getting tricked into fitness

Storm the Wall’s hella dope

And missing out on this shiz cuz you’re too afraid to fail is a hella don’t

Team mates, come take a look at the winna’s zone

Trying to grad without Storm? Man you hella won’t

Man you hella won’t

(Ironman …. Just for fun… yeah!)


I’m gonna storm a wall

Don’t have any reason not to rock it

I – I – sprintin, swimming, bikin, runnin

This is flippin awesome


[Bridge x2]

I ran into the wall

I looked regrettable

And you can take this quote

Storm the Wall, yo totes ma gotes

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