Nutritious and Delicious: Kale Chips

Kale chips and the use of kale in general, has become quite popular lately as people are discovering the endless health benefits of this leafy green veggie.
Kale is excellent for the maintenance a healthy immune system because it is packed with Vitamin C and Calcium. It also contains a healthy dose of fiber and iron, essential nutrients for a healthy body. So, I went on a kale spree today and baked some kale chips for snacks and also sautéed some up to go with dinner, so delicious. Here’s the really simple, and foolproof recipe for the kale chips.
1 Head of Kale, washed, dried and chopped into squares about 1 ½” long
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Any of your other favorite seasonings (peppers, sesame seeds, etc)
Preheat the oven to 350 F or 175 C.  Start by placing the chopped and washed kale in a large bowl. Cover with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Mix until the kale is fully coated with the olive oil. Add any other seasoning or flavoring you desire. Spread Kale evenly on baking sheet(s) and place in oven. The chips should cook for around 15-20 minutes but really keep an eye on them and move or turn them if necessary. You can also add more olive oil and seasoning to the chips wherever you feel its needed
-They’re best the day you make them.
-Don’t over salt them.
-Don’t over oil them, it makes them greasy and soggy, and we don’t want that.
-Serve them plain or with your favorite dip for a healthy (and tastier) version of classic potato chips.

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