UBC REC Storms El Salvador (Conclusion)

A final word from Bill Humphries, the trip leader for the UBC REC Habitat for Humanity trip!
Good morning and Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom´s out there!
This will be the final blog regarding the UBC REC trip to Usulutan El Salvador for the period April 28th – May 13th 2013.
I am particularly pleased with the fact that two UBC teams travelled to El Salvador this year, partnering with the Habitat for Humanity Global Village initiative. The UBC Athletics team went back to San Vicente for the 3rd year consecutive year and the Rec team went to Usulutan. Blogs regarding the UBC Athletics trip to San Vicente can be accessed at gothunderbirds.ca and clicking on Community and then Habitat for Humanity.
We are presently enjoying day two at the beautiful Rancho Estero y Mar resort on the Salvadorian coast, and will be home tomorrow. This is a well deserved rest for the 23 of us who have worked very hard in extreme heat over the past 2 weeks.
The last day at the job site, ( Friday ), was spent working in the morning. Then at noon representatives from the local Habitat for Humanity office, together with our host family for which we helped build the house, and the Masons and their helpers, ( approximately 30 in all ), enjoyed lunch together. Then came the speeches thanking us for our help and the committment made by the team to help others. Gifts were exchanged and much love and blessings were shared among the attendees.
Speaking of helping others, the Habitat tee shirts given to us this year, have a Ghandi quote on the back that reads as follows:
” The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others”
I believe that everyone of the 23 of us on the two teams, as a result of this experience, learned a bit more about themselves and can take this positive experience with them as they move forward with their respective lives.


I would like to take this opportunity to again thank UBC Athletics for their support, Deb Huband and Steve Tucwood, who lead the UBC Athletics Team, and my assistant on the rec team, Lindsay Malony, for her help and support.
I would also like to thank my good friend and fellow UBC Alumni, Dr Bob Gayton, for his financial contribution regarding the expanded program this year.
Finally, I would like to thank my wife Joan for her continued support, and her patience regarding the need for me to miss Mothers Day every year due to the required timing of these trips.
And of couse, none of this would happened without the interest and committment from my 10 team members. Thank you again!
This experience every year continues to re – inforce how exceptionally fortunate we all are to be so blessed with our families, unlimited opporunities and the ability to make our own choices in life!
Muchas Gracias and Adios!
Bill Humphries BSc (1968), FCA

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