Welcome to UBC REC 13/14

What’s up, UBC?!

Welcome to a brand new year of awesome! Whether you are a first year getting your first taste of UBC culture today at Imagine Day, or your are a UBC veteran entering your 6th and (maybe) final year as an undergraduate, the buzz around the first day back is undeniable. Papers have not yet been assigned, stats do not yet need to be memorized, the cafeteria food is somewhat appetizing, and you’ve still got summer tunes blasting on your ipod.
You’re overjoyed at picking up your Upass, you find yourself flipping casually through your new textbooks like you might actually want to read them, and you’ve never been so excited to buy pens.
While you’re still so pumped to be on campus, drop by the SRC and pick up our Recreation Guide for 13/14. It’s full of just about every type of sports programming you can imagine, from scuba diving and sailing to yoga and martial arts. If you spot a cool looking student walking around in a royal blue REC Staff t-shirt, stop and say “hi” – we are your go-to resource for everything fun, crazy, healthy, and sporty, and we are more than happy to introduce you to Canada’s #1 campus recreation organization.
P.S. While you’re at the SRC, you should jump in line to buy your BirdCoop membership STAT – that line gets really long!


Photo by @janisvetsch


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