Where to Get Fit and Live Active at UBC

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holt.


The word exercise means different things to different people. It could mean going to the gym, playing on a sports team, or simply going for a walk. These differences are totally normal and fit each person’s lifestyle. We are lucky that UBC Vancouver offers various exercise facilities for any type of lifestyle and workout preference.
One of the most used and most well-known places on UBC campus to exercise is without a doubt the Birdcoop. The Birdcoop is located in the SRC and is a full workout room consisting of cardio, strength, and stretching equipment. With the student membership fee at only $25 a term and lockers provided it is an ideal spot to have a cheeky workout between classes or in the wee hours of the morning or late hours of the evening. The hours of operation allow for a wide variety of workout times with its opening hours on Monday to Friday at 6:30am and closing hours Monday to Thursday at 10pm and 7pm on Fridays. The Birdcoop is also open on weekends and holidays with reduced hours.
Also located within the SRC are the gymnasiums, which offer multiple free drop-in sports sessions each day. The sports include Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, and Futsal with a minimum of two sessions being offered each day. Drop in sessions are a great way to get involved, get active, and meet new people that share a similar interest to you. You can go to as many or as few sessions as your timetable allows and you can change up which sessions you attend if your timetable changes.
Right beside the SRC and SUB is the UBC Aquatic Centre. As a student of UBC you are able to access the pool during public swim times for free with your UBC card. There are public swim times every day and if you want to challenge yourself with an aquatic workout there are four different types of drop-in classes offered. These include Aqua Zumba for $10 a class, Deep Water Aquasize for $4.46 a class, Fit 4 two Aquacize for $16 a class, and Shallow Aquacize for $4.46 a class.
On the other side of campus there is the Thunderbird Arena, which is where some of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Hockey games were played and to this day where the Vancouver Canucks train from time to time. This facility offers UBC students free drop in skate times with their UBC card and $2.50 drop in Figure Skating, Stick + Puck, and Drop in Hockey. If you forgot your skates or don’t own any don’t fret as the Ice Rink rents out skates for $3.50 for any session. Skating is one of the most exhausting and rewarding activities and if you are an expert or a beginner you can enjoy all that the ice rink has to offer.
Next to the Thunderbird Arena is the Thunderbird Park. This park is where most outdoor varsity sports are played throughout the year and it offers fields, a track, and open grass to any student who wishes to use them. This is a great spot to set up your own obstacle course or push yourself on the track or simply to enjoy a toss or throw around with friends during a break.
The final and easiest form of exercise on campus is running. This activity can take place all over campus or even in the beauty of Pacific Spirit Park. However, be safe and run with care or with a friend to make sure you don’t get lost or hurt. You can also do the Wreck Beach stair challenge and see how long it takes you to run down and up them!
All these facilities and the programs they offer can be found at https://www.recreation.ubc.ca/ in further detail! So don’t be afraid to go out there and get active!

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