What Can Happen When You Play as a Free Agent

Wanting to play in the 2012 Fall Softball Classic but was without a team, Kirk Sorenson applied for free agency and was put into a team created by putting other free agents together. The team, “Where my Pitches at? 2”, went on to win 1st place last year in the Fall Softball Classic. The Point had a chance to talk with Kirk about how the decision to be a free agent led to so much more.
What was going through your mind when you applied for free agency for the Fall Softball Classic?
Kirk: I really wanted to take part in the classic last year, but I knew I didn’t have the time or the numbers to put together my own team. So, when I saw the free agent meeting I figured, why not? During the meeting I found out a good amount of the people had experience playing softball or baseball, so I was excited to see we would have a good team.
Your team, composed of people who have never played with or seen each other before, went on to win 1st place. What was the ‘it’ factor that really made you and your team connect and bond with each other?
K: I figured that no one would take the time to show up for a free agent meeting and a full day of softball if they didn’t really like playing. We had international students who played ball in Japan, girls who played fast-pitch and others who all played before as well; everyone loved to play but just didn’t have enough people for their own team.
Did you all continue to play softball outside of REC?
K: It was this aspect of our team that really surprised me about the tournament. It’s one day of softball, so I didn’t expect too much to come out of it in the future, but that I was definitely mistaken. After the tournament we went out to celebrate and a bunch of us really bonded. We found people with similar passions so it was great. A couple months after, a bunch of us watched baseball playoffs together. Jack, who wasn’t on the team this year due to exchange, invited me to join his summer softball league. We hung out regularly after the tournament and have become close friends all because of Softball Classic. And, this year we got part of the team back together to defend our title.
How has your experience with the Fall Softball Classic shaped your involvement and perspectives of REC?
K: The event made me realize that REC is more than just a day of events or a sporting team, it was about creating friendships and experiences at UBC. This made me want to join REC and then be involved more in the future.
What was the ‘final push’ so to speak, that made you want to become more involved with REC?
K: My friend Tamara has been involved with REC for awhile and after hearing about all the cool things she was always doing, along with envy of her green jacket, I decided to take the plunge and apply to be an Assistant Director.
Kirk and three other players from “Where my Pitches at? 2” made a return this year to defend their title with the new team, “Doubles on Deck”. Not to disappoint, “Doubles on Deck” went on to win 1st place in the Campus-wide Division last Friday in the Fall Softball Classic.

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