What's #GreatTrek13 all about?

Have you been walking around campus, asking yourself “what are those “#GreatTrek13” signs posted all over campus about?” Perfect! Let us walk you through it!
Did you know that UBC hasn’t always been at this stunning location? When UBC opened in 1915, the campus was located near the VGH area and was characterized by overcrowded classrooms and it seriously lacked the facilities required. Some classes were held at professors private residences, others in the basement of a nearby church, or even under a tent on campus grounds. As the year’s went by, student numbers were increasing which made the situation at this campus even more frustrating. In 1922, the students began protesting and petitioning for a larger university with adequate facilities.

A photo from 1922 Great Trek of students occupying the incomplete science building at the Point Grey Campus. Photo from citycaucus.com

On Saturday, October 28th, 1922, nearly 1200 students marched 8 kilometers through downtown to the proposed Point Grey campus equipped with floats and banners to demand for a better campus and a better university experience. These students are the reason we have our beautiful campus where it is today. The Cairn is a dedication to these students that still remains on campus today.

The Great Trek Cairn, built at the conclusion of the 1922 march from downtown Vancouver to Point Grey. Photo from trekmagazine.alumni.ubc.ca.

UBC REC runs The Great Trek every year to honour the endeavours and initiatives of those students 90 years ago along with the legacy they have left for future generations. Every UBC student has been indirectly impacted by the actions of these past actions, and it’s important for the campus community to recognize that we are lucky to have our university where it is today!
The Great Trek is a 10km run on campus
which can be run individually or as a four person relay (2.5km each). This year the race is on Saturday October 26th, 2013 and registration closes on October 22nd! As well, be on the lookout for UBCs Fastest Runner Challenge on campus on October 16,17, and 21. We’ll be giving out some sweet swag to the fastest people we find!
Come out and support your university on October 26th! Your life here wouldn’t be the same without the endeavors of those students back in 1922. See you on October 26th! #GreatTrek13 #throwback #1922