Staying Motivated with Your Workout

For some of us, it’s not always easy to stick to a new routine, especially if its a workout routine. Why? It’s a new activity to add to your schedule, and finding time for it depends on how motivated you are to commit. However, it doesn’t just stop there. Being motivated to start your workout is one achievement. But what about after? The next is to stay motivated to continue your workout.
Here are my top 3 tips to staying motivated once you’ve started. They work, I swear.
1. Keep an online diary. 
Some people might say to you (as they have to me) that keeping a log of what you’ve done each day helps to make sure you stay consistent in the amount of time you dedicate each week to working out. I have found that this actually does not help, because no one ever sees this log except you and if you are already having a hard time staying motivated, your accountability to yourself will suffer. Therefore, you need other people around you that you can be held accountable to – consider these people your support group (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) and ensure that they can also keep you motivated to continue. Set up a Google Doc or a blog for people to regularly check on. Instead of an individual log, I set up a communal one that I share with 5 other people – this way, everyone is not only motivated by the fact that someone else is looking at this log, but other people are also participating in it.
2. Don’t set one goal, but multiple goals. 
Sure, you may have one ultimate goal that you are working towards in your workout. But you shouldn’t just stop there. Set yourself multiple goals that will help you to reach that ultimate goal. For instance, say your goal is to be healthy and fit for your cousin’s wedding 6 months from now. Consider the kinds of goals you can set for yourself in the 6 months leading up to the wedding: the first month can be dedicated eating clean, the second can be a continuation of the first month’s goal plus easy, smaller workouts to squeeze into your schedule, and so on. Giving yourself smaller goals and rewarding yourself for them will help you stay positive and motivated because you are affirming to yourself that what you’re doing will help you out with your ultimate goal.
3. Change up the workout and invite friends to participate.
Routine can get boring quickly, especially after the first 2 months. It’s important that the workouts you choose to support your goals are switched up from time to time. I would suggest attending drop-in classes at the Ponderosa Commons Studio (which are free this week until October 22!) with a friend to support your workouts; sign up for something you both have not tried before and even if you both wind up not liking the class, at least it added some fun to achieving your fitness goals. Over the summer, a friend convinced me to take a spin class with her even though we both had never taken a spin class prior. Needless to say that the class left us feeling exhausted and laughing at each other (my friend didn’t know there were different levels on the bike…) – it was refreshing and so different from what I was used to that it kept me motivated stick to my workout, and realize that the workout itself also needs to be switched up every so often. Make it fun to do!
How do you stay motivated with your workout?

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