Lace Up for Kids: Coin Wars Oct 28 – Nov 1

Live Active. Be Involved. From Monday October 28 to Friday November 1, UBC REC invites you to take part in our campus wide coin war! Collect or donate spare change to fund change in Rare Disease research at BC Children’s Hospital. This is the first official fundraiser for the 6th annual Lace Up for Kids, and will culminate in a community skating celebration at the UBC Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena on Thursday November 21.
If you would like to register as an individual or a team and fundraise for this great cause, the registration deadline is November 15th. We encourage teams to register early in order to meet the required minimum donation before November 21.
If I’m not registered as a participant, how do I participate?
Starting Oct 28, there will be daily locations where registered teams will be setting up camp to collect your coin donations. Teams will be vying for your donation and trying to best their opponents. It’s all up to you; you can donate to one or all of the collection jars that will be on display.
It’s that easy: Just drop by and donate to the jar of the team who you want to win!
The catch:
In this official coin war challenge, more coins equals more points. However as a donor, you also have the choice of donating bills! Bills will count as negative points for the respective team, so wield this responsibility carefully!
The Cause:
UBC REC in support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation is hoping to transform the world of rare disease research care. For children affected by Rare Disease, research is care. With your help, we are setting out to raise a $100,00 microgrant to fund research focused on naming and curing rare diseases that affect 1 in 10 Canadians.
This research has proven to be life saving for children like Grayson McGill, who was diagnosed with Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) as a newborn. This disease, although saccarine in name, refers to a condition where Grayson is unable to metabolize certain amino acids found in proteins. Ingestion of too much of these amino acids can lead to neurological disfunctions, coma, and death. Thanks to an extended screening program at BC Children’s Hospital which screens for 22 conditions including MSUD, Grayson has a chance at life that previous generations would have never had.
Locations of collection bins: 
Come and support your team this October 29 (Tuesday) and October 31 (Thursday) from 12:15-1:15 on Main Mall and Agronomy or November 1 (Friday) from 11:45 – 1:15 in the SUB North Plaza.