Got 10 Minutes?

How many times have you thought about going for a run, or heading to the gym, only to realize you don’t have any free time?
It seems like free time simply doesn’t exist for university students. There’s so much to do – like study for your three midterms, work on your group presentation, or waste half an hour watching Vines. But if you’ve ever thought you don’t have enough time to exercise, think again.
Using your 10 or 30 minute break in between classes to get a quick workout is a great way to stay fit and de-stress. Exercise can also be an awesome study break. You’d be surprised what a difference 10 minutes can make:


Source: Infographics Showcase


30 minutes of exercise a day is even better for you:

Source: Tribesports


So the next time you find yourself overstressed and exhausted from an intense study session, give yourself a break and go exercise – and saying you don’t have enough time is no excuse!

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