Looking for a Change of Pace?

Midterms stressing you out? Stuck in a writer’s block for that paper due on Friday? Consider going for a run through these gorgeous spaces that will leave you refreshed and healthy in body and spirit!

Pacific Spirit Park


By far the most easily accessible place to get to on this list, a quick jog through Pacific Spirit Park is perfect for breaking down that 3-hour break in-between classes, or if you’re feeling a little antsy whilst studying.

How to Get There:
Hop on the 25 or the 33 and get off at “Pacific Spirit Park!”

Sea Wall


If you’re looking to get out and take in Vancouver’s gorgeous cityline, consider grabbing a friend or two and running the Sea Wall!

How to Get There:
Take the 99 B-Line to the Broadway/Commercial SkyTrain Station (last stop!), hop on the westbound Expo Line train and get off at “Main Street – Science World.”

Lynn Canyon


With tons of trails to fulfill your running, hiking or biking needs, Lynn Canyon takes a well-deserved spot on our list! And, there’s an awesome watering hole near the suspension bridge where you can dip your toes after your run!

How to Get There:
Take the 25 to the Cambie Canada Line SkyTrain and take the westbound train to “Waterfront.” Walk to the Eastbound “W Pender St NS Granville St” bus stop and hop on the 210 “Upper Lynn Valley” bus. Take the 210 to “Phibbs Exchange” and transfer to the 229 “Westlynn” bus. Take the 229 to “Peters Rd FS Duval Rd.”

Seymour Valley Trailway (at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve)
Also called the Seymour Demonstration Forest, this place is a little far from UBC, but has a ton of trails so if you don’t feel like running, consider biking or rollerblading as well.

How to Get There:
Take the 44 to Waterfront SkyTrain Station. Hop on the SeaBus to Lonsdale Quay and catch the 228 “Lynn Valley” bus. Get off at “Lynn Valley at Dempsey Rd” and walk to the top of Lynn Valley Road. Take a right at Rice Lake Road  and walk down the hill to the bridge. Cross the bridge and walk up to the top of the hill; you will be at the entrance to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve!

Stanley Park
Stanley Park is great for people-watching; whether it be a couple getting married, an artist selling their paintings or tourists snapping pictures, this place is lively! It is also bursting with historical flavour, as you can find the nine o’clock gun and Siwash rock, amongst other things.

How to Get There:
Take the 44 and get off at “W Pender St and Burrard St.” Cross the street to the westbound “W Pender St and Burrard St” stop and take the 19 to “Stanley Park Loop” (last stop!).

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