A One of a Kind Kid: Grayson McGill

Grayson M-80 The sixth annual Lace Up for Kids is taking place on Thursday November 21st and UBC REC along with your help is setting out to raise $100,000 for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. We chose the BC Children’s Hospital (BCCHF) and specifically Rare Disease Research for many reasons but helping BC kids lead brighter and longer lives was definitely a main one. Grayson McGill, the 2013 Lace Up kid, is one of those that has experienced first-hand how Rare Disease Research can help kids lead healthier and longer lives.

Toddler Grayson McGill has a rare metabolic disorder called Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) where regular food can make him ill. His parents, Chad and Wayne, are responsible for monitoring his protein consumption down to the exact milligram each day; if they are off, the results could easily be catastrophic. Chad and Wayne, do not have a medical background, but they have become quick studies in MSUD. “We are relieved that there is a specific program that targets research for rare diseases since one in 12 people will have a rare disease at some point in their lives,” says Chad. “It is easy to see these diseases as fringe, but their treatment may be portable to various diseases and bring about cures or improvement in the quality of life.  A focus on rare diseases does matter and makes a huge difference.”
With his chubby cheeks and saucer shaped eyes, Grayson looks like an average kid; nobody would expect he is one chocolate bar away from potential brain damage. Thanks to research into Rare Diseases, Grayson has a chance at life that previous generations would have never had.
Kids like Grayson and the work that BC Children’s Hospital is doing are why we are lacing up this November 21st 2013. Read Grayson’s full story here along with other stories about how Rare Disease research is changing the lives of BC’s one-of-a-kind kids. Check out www.laceup.ca to register your team and start fundraising today! $100,000 will go a long way for Rare Disease research and we need your help to make it happen!