Get Caught Living Actively – Slacklining


Adam Mertens on the highline at the MHAC (Mental Health Awareness Club) and Slackline UBC social!

Welcome to the first issue of the UBC Recreation Health Promotions team’s Get Caught Living Active series! We will be going around campus throughout the year to try to catch people being physically active. We all know of the research that has been done that relates physical activity with academic success, so we’re here to provide you with a whole bunch of different activities that you can check out to stay physically fit! We will be going around campus looking for new and fun activities to focus on and to highlight your fellow students for being active. We’re always looking for new ways to stay physically active so if you have any suggestions for any activities, please contact us at
What is this activity?
Slacklining! Slacklining is a new sport that’s coming onto the scene on the westcoast. The line is made out of a very resistant and flexible material that allows people to test their balance and walk from end to end. Once you have mastered the balancing act, you can progress into doing different flips, stalls and even yoga positions!
What are the benefits?
Slacklining requires you to balance and be very aware of how your weight is distributed along the line. Your core and all your muscles will be engaged trying to steady you so you don’t fall off. The first time you ever step onto a slackline, you will immediately notice that you are going to be using muscles you have never used before. The more and more you slackline, the easier it will get as the muscles will be stronger and be able to control your movement as you walk across. Your core becoming stronger will help to improve your posture and to support your stomach and make. So if you’re having some back problems, this is a great low impact activity that will help you s
If you’re into skiing or snowboarding, slacklining is an awesome activity for you to use as an off season workout. Having a strong core and balancing on skis or a snowboard are keys to succeed and by slacklining, you will be able strengthen these muscles more than any workout in the gym!
How to get involved?
If you’re interested in trying it out, there are people all over Vancouver that are setting up at a place near you! The main form of communication of this community is through facebook. You can check out the Vancouver Slackline Facebook page ( or check out the UBC Slackline Facebook group ( Through Facebook, they will post times and places of where they will be setting up as well as any events that are taking place.
You can buy slacklines from a few stores in Vancouver as well as online. Absolute Slacklines is a Vancouver based company which sell the slacklines and the ratchets ( The cost varies with the length of slackline you purchase, but a 15m line is $60-$70 or 25m line is $90-$110.
Who got caught?

Antem Zaloga

Name: Antem Zaloga
Background: 1st year master’s student; slacklining for 1 year.
Quote: “Slacklining allows you to focus and put away all of the mental stress that has built up over the past few days. It makes me happy and best of all keeps me fit as well!”

Conrad Wasalski

Name: Conrad Wasalski
Background: 3rd year undergraduate student; slacklining since January
Quote: “Just try slacklining, you won’t be able to get enough of it.”

Evgenia Stroganova

Name: Evgenia Stroganova
Background: 1st year masters student; 2nd time trying slacklining.
Quote: “It’s like you are flying but it’s up to you to choose which direction you go.”