6 Habits of Super Healthy People

Do you ever wonder what your super healthy friends do that you don’t do? It’s not just exercise and eating right. You hit the gym, eat your veggies, and take your vitamins, but you don’t feel any more healthy. Staying healthy is all about forming healthy habits and routines that you can be accountable for. So step back and take a look at what you can do long term to keep a clear mind and body.
Here are the six habits of healthy people. Read and repeat.

1. They carry a water bottle.

Drinking water is great for your skin, your immune system, your digestion, and just about every single function of your body. That’s just plain, straight up, free tap water, guys. Toss the “vitamin” water, and the crystallized flavours, and learn to love water for its simple and delicious qualities. Men should drink 2.6L a day and woman are good to go with 2.1L, plus more if you’re exercising.

2. They save their junk food points.

Craving some chocolate? Skip the waxxy store bought chocolate bars or grocery store brownies and whip up a batch of your own. You will enjoy the process of making your treats, save money, and be more confident in knowing what exactly you are putting into your body. It’s easier to portion yourself when you know exactly how many cups of sugar and butter are in your dessert. It’s all about quality over quantity. P.S. My personal tip is going for dark chocolate over milk. It is SO much easier to only eat a square because the taste is much more clean and satisfying.

3. They take the first chance to exercise.

Don’t have class till 9am? Or later? Take those precious morning hours to get your exercise in before the hectic day whizzes by. Don’t tell yourself you’ll do it later. Maybe after a nap. Or after last night’s episode of Homeland. We’ve all done it, but do we actually ever end up exercising?

4. They don’t compare their bodies with others’.

Stop looking at other people’s legs at the gym and wishing they were yours. Reality check: your legs get you from point A to point B just fine. You will be much more confident in your body and what it does for you when you stop envying other people’s assets. Being confident will actually make you want to eat better and exercise more as you will be working to maintain what you are proud of, rather than being discouraged with what you can’t change.

5. They pack their lunch.

It’s the hard truth. Spending the 15 minutes every morning whipping up a sandwich or left overs will save you from making unhealthy decisions. We also tend to wake up with good healthy intentions for the rest of the day, but come lunch time, your mood might persuade you otherwise. If you’re stuck with that green salad and sandwich, you won’t be tempted to buy that cheese burger you’ve been craving.

6. They get enough sleep.

This habit is by far the easiest and the most fun. You get to lie under the warm covers and dream away your heart’s content for 7-9 hours each night. Find me something that’s more satisfying than that.
(Source: news.com.au)

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