November is Members Appreciation Month @ the BirdCoop

We want to thank you for choosing the BirdCoop!

During member appreciation month, we have a few special promotions to show our gratitude:
FREE Karma classes at our new Ponderosa Commons studio.
WIN 5 personal training sessions or an 8 month membership!
REFER a friend to personal training and your name will be entered to win 5 sessions.
TELL US YOUR STORY and your name will be entered to win an 8 month membership! Please email your story and photos to the BirdCoop at

Marty’s Success Story

“Birdcoop” – I first thought what a strange name for a fitness centre. Then I got to know it better and realized that no matter what it’s called it is the place if you want to get in shape. It has a whole bunch of really great personal trainers who know their stuff and a warehouse full of fitness machines guaranteed to take you to the limit and then some. Highly Recommended.