Holiday Youth Day Camps

UBC Recreation is excited to offer a variety of holiday day camps to suit every child! Camps are offered between Dec 27-Jan 5 across a variety of facilities with both half-and full-day options available. UBC Camps also offers Child Care Services for those looking for more flexibility in their child’s schedule.
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The UBC Tennis Centre offers the following youth holiday day camps:

Winter Baby Thunderbirds Camp

This is the perfect camp to introduce your child to the game of tennis in a fun learning environment. Children will learn and work on different hand-eye coordination exercises that will help them with footwork and making impact with the ball. Parents are welcome to come out on court and join in on the fun! (Ages 3-4)

Winter Competitive Camp

This camp covers the technical, tactical, and physical components of the game pushing kids to learn and focus on how to construct points and play smarter tennis. All players in this camp must be approved by tennis centre coaching staff to join. (Ages 5-17)

Winter Fundamentals Camp

Learn the fundamentals of tennis in a fun camp environment. Kids will learn the technical skills of all strokes in the game as well as learn the scoring system and how to play matches. This is the perfect camp for children to learn hthe basics of the game and build confidence! (Ages 5-17)

Winter High Performance Camp

This camp is for the serious tennis player that has a focus and goal to play and compete in provincial spring and summer tournaments. Players will work all components of the game as well as learn how to handle match play pressure situations. All players in this camp must be approved by tennis centre coaching staff to join. (Ages 5-17)
To register your child in a holiday camp at the UBC Tennis Centre please visit the Tennis website.

UBC Camps offers the following youth holiday day sports camps:

Badminton Basic Program

This program covers fundamental skills including: serves, overhead clear, drop shot, underhand forehand and backhand, net shots and basic footwork. Participants will also be introduced to the rules of game play along with the scoring format.

Badminton Advanced Program

This camp provides further instruction on basic skills and introduces drives, smashes and advance net shots. Advanced footwork will be taught to enhance each player's game. Participants will also be taught the techniques in a singles and doubles game.

Fencing Fundamentals

This course is ideal for children looking for an introduction to fencing. Students will participate in a variety of recreational games and activities intended to develop their balance, co-ordination and reaction time.

Multisport Superstars

Superstars camp introduces young children to a variety of sports. The goal of this program is to teach young children specialized sports skills, with a major focus on fundamental motor skills, teamwork, fair play and having fun through physical activity.

Multisport All Stars

Sport specific instruction and game-play situations make for an exciting learning environment. Our instructors keep participants involved in all activities including basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, floor hockey and other recreational games.

Soccer Eurostar Program

UBC Eurostar is a program which has been organized to build strong skill sets for young athletes. We place our emphasis on sportsmanship,, basic soccer skills (passing, dribbling etc.) and an overall love for the greatest team sport in the world.

Soccer Prostar Program

UBC Prostar is the next step for those a little older or moving on from Eurostar. Prostar will exapand on the basic skills of soccer and focus more on specific aspects fot he game like positional play and shooting/passing techniques.

Winter Speed & Power School

Led by speed science expert, Adam Plummer, this fast paced program is designed to make you a better overall athlete. While training strength, athletes will also improve their speed, reaction time and agility. Get fit and get fast this winter.
To register your child in a holiday sports camp with UBC Camps please visit the UBC Camps website.

UBC Camps offers the following youth holiday day special-interest camps:

Adventures Abound: Winter Extreme

This camp will thrill you with some of the most exciting winter activities Vancouver has to offer. Activities include laser tag, rock climbing and much more! This is a great way to get outside, challenge yourself, meet new friends and have lots of fun.

Afternoon Extra: Storm the Campus

With on-campus activities like Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Birdcoop Climbing wall and the UBC Aquatic Centre, this camp will keep you busy. Combine any morning program at UBC with Afternoon Extra for a full day of fun or sign up for this camp on its own.

Little Mozarts

Enjoy musical experiences in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment. Sessions are split into short modules, such as Music Through Storytelling, Introductory Piano Class, Meet the Instruments, Introductory Recorder Class and Introductory Violin Class.

Pop Mozarts

This camp is designed to draw the musician out of everyone, whether you have a musical background or not. The session is broken into short modules, including Guitar Class, Introduction to Percussion/Drum Set, Soundtrax and Guitar Band.

Winter Wonders Art Studio

Develop your skills in drawing, painting, collage and more! We will be heading outdoors to collect supplies, tour art galleries and visit other creative destinations. Artists will create their own masterpieces through individual and collective projects.
To register your child in a holiday special-interest camp with UBC Camps please visit the UBC Camps website.

The additional care services offer families more flexibility in dropping off and picking up children at UBC. Use these services to combine selected half-day, on-campus programs to make a full day of activity. Morning, lunch and afternoon care are available during both weeks of our spring break camps. Children will not be participating in sport-specific activities during these periods- they are meant as supervised, quiet activities times.

  • Before Camp Care
  • Lunch Supervision
  • After Camp Care
  • To register your child in a winter break care service please visit the UBC Camps website.