Top 10: Workout Tips

1. Form a workout routine

Start treating working out the same way you treat class: plan a few workout sessions each week that fit around your schedule, and stick to that routine. The sooner you get into the habit of regularly working out, the sooner you’ll realize that exercising and keeping fit is simply part of your lifestyle.

2. Do cardio in the morning

If your goal is to shed a few pounds of fat, try doing cardio in the morning, before you’ve eaten anything. Exercising on an empty stomach means your body is more likely to be burning fat stores instead of carbohydrates from your most recent meal.

3. Drink up

This one’s a no-brainer: make sure you drink plenty of water during and after working out to rehydrate your body. In fact, it’s just a good idea to stay hydrated throughout the entire day by regularly drinking enough water.

4. Find a workout buddy

If you’re just getting used to working out, find yourself a gym buddy or a running partner. A workout
buddy will help keep you accountable and motivated throughout the year, as long as both of you don’t slack off!

5. Keep moving

Avoid sitting down and staying inactive for long periods of time. While it may be difficult to do some impromptu lunges in class, make sure you take exercise breaks in between or during classes by getting up for a brief walk to the bathroom, or doing some quick stretches in your seat.

6. Post-workout food

After an energy-draining workout, it’s best to re-energize your body with a meal containing both carbohydrates and protein to stimulate muscle development.

7. Snacks, snacks, snacks

There is no shame in snacking every few hours – as long as you keep your portions small, and ensure that you’re actually eating healthy foods. Protein shakes, fruits and trail mix are all great snacks to fuel your workout.

8. Check your form

Poor form can lead to not only an ineffective workout but also potential injury. Proper form is especially important with strength training exercises and swimming, so if you’re a beginner, consult a trainer or experienced friend.

9. Set SMART goals

At this point you’re probably rolling your eyes: ugh, SMART goals – haven’t we learned enough about those in class? When it comes to exercise, setting specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related goals is essential for beginners and fitness junkies alike. Having a tangible goal, whether it’s bench pressing 100 pounds or simply getting a Birdcoop membership, will get your mind and body working towards that goal.

10. Don’t get obsessed with numbers

It’s good to have SMART goals, but don’t get caught up in the numbers. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if someone else can run faster or lift more than you can; do what feels good for you and your body.
With these tips in mind, working out (and staying motivated to workout) should be a piece of cake this year. Remember: if Brad Pitt can do it, so can you.