Welcome to the New Point Blog!

At long last, we are announcing UBC Recreation’s new blog, The Point!
First published in 1989 as a print publication, The Point focused on varsity and intramural sports at UBC. Since then, The Point has explored various forms and transitioned to a monthly magazine in 2005 with a focus on campus health and activity. In 2009, The Point became UBC REC’s official Online Magazine, calling www.thepoint.ubc.ca home. Under this domain, The Point expanded to be the premier resource for campus recreation, health, and well-being content at UBC.
After a complete web redesign, The Point fully transitioned to it’s new home on the UBC Recreation website in January 2014. This change welcomes a refreshed focus on campus recreation and physical fitness, while maintaining The Point‘s known inclination toward fun UBC-oriented content, such as its popular GIF series U B Seeing It.
We are very excited to launch the new Point Blog! Check out this typography poster to get a sense of what the blog will be about.
The Point Manifesto - Print