13 Tips For Good Gym Etiquette

Some things go without saying, but when we goes to the gym we often witness some major fitness faux pas. Here are some helpful hints on how to not be “that” person and contribute to everyone’s gym success and experience

1. This first one’s kind of a given, but don’t eat in the gym, even if you’re speedy.


2. Be sure to select the right weight for you in order to avoid great embarrassment.


3. Don’t hog the cardio machines during peak hours, it just makes everyone angry.


4. Don’t show off too much, even if you’re very skilled.


5. Understand that the water fountain is a shared thing, for everyone.


6. Don’t goof around too much.


7. Choose the appropriate footwear for athletic activity.


8. Remember that its the gym not a dance party so keep your singing and epic moves to a minimum.


 9. Don’t slam your weights down so that everyone thinks its an earthquake and freaks out.


10. Keep flirtations to a minimum and observe from a distance.


11. Make sure to find workout buddies who will push you to your limits.


12. Come prepared with a workout plan of action.


13. Don’t just wander round and be an exercise slacker.