Top 10: Fitness Events At UBC

With so many student-run clubs, societies and associations on campus, it’s hard to keep track of all the events going on at UBC. Ultimately, the 10 events that stand out are those that encourage students to live actively while having fun at the same time! Whether you’re still in your first year or on the verge of graduating this term, take a look at the top 10 must-do fitness activities you can do at UBC:

1. Day of the Longboat

Day of the Longboat, which takes place in September every year, is an epic weekend kickoff to the school year, and the first chance to win an elusive REC Champion shirt. Build your teamwork skills and your muscles as you paddle towards victory; just be careful not to capsize!

2. Do the Undie Run

Where else except at university would you find a huge group of students running around campus, clad only in their underwear? The Undie Run is an annual tradition that takes place shortly before final exams this semester, so don’t miss out! Grab a group of friends (or do it solo), take off your clothes, and run!

3. Wreck Stairs

Continuing on with the theme of nudity, UBC’s Vancouver campus is renowned for the clothing-optional Wreck Beach.If you want to take your Wreck Beach experience a step (or hundred) further, challenge yourself to do the ‘Wreck Stairs’. Time yourself as you climb up the steps, and see if you improve over the years – or if you did any better than your friends.

4. Play Ultimate

Okay, technically Ultimate isn’t an event so much as a sport, but playing a game of Ultimate is another must-do at UBC. Whether it’s the UBC REC Ultimate League or the Vanier league, an intense Ultimate game is an experience quintessential to UBC.

5. Join a Dance Class

According to the UBC Dance Club, “I can’t dance” is not a valid reason for you not to dance. There are countless dance classes offered at UBC, ranging from UBC Recreation to various student-run clubs, from hip hop to ballroom dance. So forget your self-consciousness, put on your dancing shoes and step out of your comfort zone!

6. Quidditch

If you’ve always dreamed of living in the magical realm of the Harry Potter universe, you’re in luck because UBC has its very own Quidditch team. Although flying brooms haven’t been invented yet, running around a field with a broom between your legs is actually great exercise and incredibly fun (and even moreso to watch).

7. Storm the Wall

Coming up this March is Storm the Wall, an intense, fun-packed event that spans across campus. Participants bike, run, swim and sprint all across campus and finish by storming up a 12 foot wall. While there are a select few Iron Men and Women who compete alone, Storm is an awesome team-based event that anyone can participate in, no matter how unfit you may be!

8. Polar Bear Swim

Another event that takes place at Wreck Beach is the Polar Bear Swim, a new campus tradition by The Calendar at UBC. There’s no better way to destress right before finals season than a cold, cold swim in the ocean with a huge crowd!

9. Run at Pacific Spirit Park

As UBC students, we’re fortunate enough to have the beautiful Pacific Spirit Park right in our backyard. Treat yourself to a study break with a quick run – or walk – and take in the amazing scenery. Just be sure to plan your route properly and stay safe!

10. Versus

Versus is a super fun event coming up this February 5, and this year’s theme: the Hunger Games! Pretend you’ve been transported to the Capitol and take part in intense challenges until you’re the last surviving tribute. May the odds be ever in your favour!