The Academic Benefits of Being Active

Source: University of Miami

Source: University of Miami

Being physically active is just as important as being academically active! We’ll tell you why:
This past Fall, two studies were published to further strengthen evidence for the academic benefits of exercise. In both studies, researchers noted that children who were regularly exposed to daily rigorous physical activity and sports were more likely to recall or remember specific pieces of information compared to their counterparts (with no daily rigorous physical activity). The implications for both studies, one published by PLOS ONE and the other by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, are huge in contributing to previous research that has shown there are multiple benefits to being active. Previous studies have shown that students who are regularly exposed to 30-60 minutes of rigorous physical activity are more likely to:

  • Have higher self-esteem
  • Have reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Have increased energy levels
  • Have stronger lungs and heart

Photo: Carter Brundage
In addition, students that were regularly active were also proven to be much more alert along with having high energy levels, making it easier for these students to focus in their studies. Also, not only does being active contribute to your academic performance, but improves your overall wellbeing and character at school. As quoted by TrueSport, students develop “stronger peer relationships” as a direct result of their participation in sports and recreation, lending to “greater connections [and attachments] to school.”

Get Active with UBC REC

Okay, I get it and I want to be more active at school. But, where do I start?
UBC REC has tons of opportunities for you to explore new things and connect with new people. For instance, our (arguably) biggest event of the year, Storm the Wall, is starting on March 23rd. You have from now until March 14th to register a team composed of anyone – your classmates, club, new friends, floormates, or department! For more information about Storm the Wall, visit!

Grab a friend (or two!) and check out our Drop-in calendar to drop by the next public swim or skate! Not interested in swimming or skating? Check the Student Rec Centre tab to see when you can play badminton, volleyball, hockey or basketball!
Having a hard time convincing your girlfriends to join you in being active? Suggest signing up for dance classes at the Ponderosa Commons Studio! Dance is a great way to get exercise whilst enjoying time with friends. You’ll be having so much fun, your girlfriends will hardly believe they’re doing exercise!
There are tons of great options for you to get active at UBC. If you’re finding yourself a little academically burnt out, recharge with us at the Rec Centre! Being physically active is just as important as being academically active and the benefits are overwhelmingly positive. Plus, you’ll develop stronger connections to UBC and to the many people you meet here. Physical activity is never a waste of study time, especially when being active can help you with your studies!