On the History of Fitness: Infomercials

Source: thechrista.com

Two weeks ago, we brought you On the History of Fitness: A Look at Popular Trends. We were so fascinated with what we found when researching for that article, we decided to do another one!

This time, we are taking a look at infomercials and how companies would market their products to people. Funny, scary, creative, mortifying and downright hilarious, here are some of the best ones we’ve seen so far.

1. Tony Little’s Gazelle Freestyle Elite Power Toning Program

First introduced in 1996, this program promotes the use of Tony Little’s Gazelle line of fitness machines. These machines, which you can still buy on their official website, are advertised as “low-impact [workouts] for less stress and strain on your body.”

2. Thighmaster

“Squeezing your way to better thighs.” The Thighmaster emphasized itself as a necessity for toned legs, something that the infomercial explains not everyone woman is born with. However, thanks to the Thighmaster, everyone woman is able to have toned legs. We thought the addition of the doctor to prove the medical benefits of the Thighmaster was a humourous addition.

3. EZ Crunch

Appearing in the early 90s, the EZ Crunch marketed itself as building a stronger core without exercise. This machine was believed to make toning ab muscles much easier compared to more traditional methods. The Price is Right’s Dian Parkinson appears in this infomercial as a spokeswoman for the product.

4. Hawaii Chair

“Taking the work out of your workday,” the Hawaii Chair was targeted towards office professionals and claimed to be great for working on your abs whilst working. Reliant on testimonials, throughout this infomercial you will notice how the Hawaii Chair attempted to fit into all aspects of office life for people. The product was essentially marketed as an exercise machine that you could simply sit in and do nothing.

5. UroClub

Okay, this last one isn’t really a fitness machine of any sort, but it’s a golf club disguised as a toilet and we couldn’t not include this here. The UroClub is designed for golfers who need to go to the bathroom whilst on the golf course. Largely aimed towards male golfers, this golf club allows users to discreetly go to the washroom in public whilst appearing as though they are playing golf.