Let's Talk Detoxes: Which One is Right for You?

Source: consciouslifenews.com

Source: consciouslifenews.com

I spend a ‘fair amount’ of my time on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Snap Chat…you get the idea) and one thing I consistently see on all of these platforms are pictures or excerpts of peoples’ detox drinks. These drinks range from different teas to water (with various kinds of fruits) to smoothies and different juices. Seeing photos and status updates of these drinks on a consistent basis, I began to ask, “why go on a detox?” A quick Google search left me scratching my head as I realized there were numerous different kinds of detoxes (that were not liquid-based) and that each detox was supposed to do something different. As to why one should go on a detox, I found that this answer varied depending on what kind of detox you wanted to go on. So, the question became, “which detox is the right one?”

What are Detoxes?

Detoxes are the process of removing toxins from the body through a specific kind of cleansing or purifying. People go on detoxes for different reasons; some people will have a specific goal in mind they want to achieve through a detox, while others will go on a detox for the overall results and effects that come from the detox. Though some will claim they see noticeable changes in their bodies because of detoxes, scientists have repeatedly denounced the overall health benefits of detoxes, as there is no concrete evidence to support the claims of specific results through detoxes.

Source: Vanity Fair

Source: Vanity Fair

Types of Detoxes

Organ Detoxes

Organ detoxes focus on cleansing and building different organs. These detoxes claim to clean and repair your organs so that they function more normally. An important note about these detoxes is that they must be done in a certain order in order to achieve the results you want. A popular recommendation is to do a complete colon cleanse before starting an organ detox.

Heavy Metal Detoxes

As suggested by its name, these detoxes are focused on ridding the body of heavy metals. The most well-known of these detoxes is the one focusing on mercury, though there are others that focus on cleansing the body of lead, aluminum, nickel, arsenic and uranium, among others.

Liquids Detoxes

The one that I’ve been seeing all over social media, this detox is (from my experience) the most popular of all the detoxes. These detoxes involve the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables (preferably organic) in the form of puree, soups, smoothies, and steeped in water.

Source: CBC News

Source: CBC News

Foods Detoxes

Armed with the belief that certain foods diminish your health, these detoxes are aimed at ridding your body of foods considered bad. Some of the foods targeted by these detoxes include corn, refined sugar, milk products and wheat.

Fat Detoxes

Fat detoxes are aimed at cutting fat deposits in our bodies. Though organs such as the kidneys, lungs and liver help us rid our bodies of toxins, if they are overworked, our bodies must store the toxins elsewhere so that these organs can get rid of them at a later time. If these organs are consistenly overworked and we consume toxins consistently, then these toxins turn into fat deposits that must be stored indefinitely. The goal of fat detoxes are to rid our bodies of such deposits.

Detox Methods

There are multiple methods in which detoxes are carried out. To help us better understand the different methods, we first need to distinguish the difference between chemical cleansing and mechanical cleansing. Chemical cleansing involves bodily cleansing through the use of herbs or enhanced supplements whereas mechanical cleansing involves cleansing our bodies through food-based supplements and fasting. In chemical cleanses, our bodies are triggered into cleansing through vitamins and supplements whereas in mechanical cleanses, our bodies initiate the cleanse based on the kinds of foods we consume.
Now that we know the differences between chemical and mechanical cleanses, let’s dive into common ways detoxes cleanse our bodies!

Source: strong-athlete.com

Source: strong-athlete.com

Type One (Specific Food or Supplements are Consumed)

In this type of cleanse, we consume specific kinds of foods and refrain from eating other foods. Vitamins and suppements often accompany this type of cleanse to ensure that our bodies are gaining enough nutrition.

Type Two (No Food is Consumed)

Also commonly referred to as fasting,’ this type of cleanse requires no foods be eaten at all. Instead, vitamins, supplements and sometimes the juicing of specific foods are used to maintain nutrition levels.

Type Three (Non-fasting Cleansing)

There are no food or drink restrictions in this cleanse; rather, the focus is on eating healthier foods and consuming nutritious beverages.
Bottom line: detoxes are very personal programs and their makeup and components are entirely dependent on you! Determining which detox is right for you is ultimately up to your own goals, how you want to achieve them and through what means or method.
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