RECruitment: the Sector Breakdown

You’ve seen them around campus, walking around with their sleek black and orange jackets, and their shirts in that bright, unmistakable blue with two words emblazoned across the back:


Aside from all the free swag, being a REC staff member comes with several other benefits such as the opportunity to develop new skills, to take on leadership roles, and to form long-lasting friendships and memories.
But you already knew that, of course, because who doesn’t want to join UBC REC volunteer staff? So now that you’ve decided to apply as an Assistant Director (AD) for 2014-15, it’s time to decide: what sector do you belong in?
UBC REC is comprised of three sectors: Events, Leagues and Marketing. Staff in different sectors have very different roles, so it’s important to understand each sector – and then decide which one to apply for.


UBC REC is Canada’s largest intramural events program, hosting huge campus-wide events like Day of the Longboat and Storm the Wall, and the Events sector is responsible for organizing and running these events. The Events sector is made up of five Events Crews, and each crew is in charge of a different combination of UBC REC’s various events, whether it’s a flagship event like Storm the Wall or something smaller like Game Show.
As an Events AD, your duties will include…
Expectation: …creating schedules, managing volunteers and planning the venue.
Reality: All that and more. Events staff must dedicate a lot of their time towards larger events, especially in the days leading up to the event, and have to be prepared to deal with unexpected hiccups in event planning. Be prepared to sacrifice a few days hours of sleep!
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Bottom line: caffeine will be your new best friend, but you’ll also be able to look back at that time you and your crew successfully planned and executed a massive UBC tradition – and that is incredibly rewarding.
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Leagues is by far the biggest sector, and consists of nine crews for each UBC REC league. Leagues ADs are tasked with operating their respective league from registration all the way to playoffs. Like Events, Leagues staff must be physically present at leagues games – but ADs are also responsible for the behind-the-scenes operation of the leagues to make sure everything runs smoothly for participants.
As a Leagues AD, your duties will include…
Expectation: …scheduling games, hiring and managing officials, setting up and supervising games.
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Reality: Writing endless incident report forms. And operating the UBC REC weather line (if you’re in the Ultimate league.)
Bottom line: Leagues ADs get to be the face of REC and, while you may occasionally have to deal with inclement weather or participant misconduct, it’s an awesome opportunity to enhance participants’ experience at UBC with your passion for your sport.


The Marketing Sector, more commonly referred to as M-Sec, is the most varied of all sectors, with six crews which all have a distinct role in the sector. Ultimately, the six sectors all join together for the common goal of promoting UBC REC, whether it be enhancing the overall UBC REC brand, supporting certain events and tournaments, or encouraging the UBC REC “Live Active” lifestyle.
As an M-Sec AD, your duties will include…
Expectation: …creating graphics, taking photos and videos, actively promoting events.

Reality: Managing social media channels, securing prizes from external sponsors, contacting and collaborating with campus partners, operating the UBC REC website, organizing events to promote health and wellness, developing detailed marketing plans, creating content for The Point…the list is virtually endless. Depending on which crew you’re in, you will focus on a particular subset of the wide range of duties that an M-Sec AD is responsible for.


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Bottom line: the Marketing Sector has a much broader range than just marketing, with all of the crews covering many different aspects. Even if you’re not the “creative type” and can’t use Photoshop to save your life, there will definitely be a place in M-Sec for you!super duper anchorman
Now comes the question we’ve all been waiting for: which sector is best? (Obviously M-Sec.)
ALL OF THEM! Regardless of which sector you choose, joining UBC REC will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. So pick the sector you feel you belong in, and go ahead and apply by March 26!