Champions of the Year

If you’re a rockstar, you’re probably the proud owner of a UBC REC champion shirt – from the time that your team won the championship game, or when you expertly navigated the Gladiator course, or when you were the first one to get over that 12-foot Storm wall. Winning a REC championship is clearly not an easy feat, so congratulations are definitely in order for everyone.
However, if you are a total REC star… winning just one champion shirt isn’t enough.
This year’s Earl Award winners, Austin Webster and returning champion Alyssa Reyes, have won not one, not two, but 33 champion shirts between the two of them – and that is only counting this year. Austin is a third-year Chemical Engineering student in Beta Theta Pi, and is in the process of making a quilt from the 23 champion shirts he has won this year (Miley Cyrus’s 23 is his new theme song). Alyssa, commonly known as “CB”, is a fifth-year Kinesiology student in Alpha Gamma Delta and is being inducted into the REC Hall of Fame this year for her numerous achievements.
Clearly, both of them are extremely involved in various aspects of campus life – and their achievements in REC are no exception.

The two beautiful Earl Award winners

Now you may be wondering: what is it like to be an Earl Award Winner? What does it take to win so many REC championships? Take a look at Austin’s (AW) and Alyssa’s (AR) answers to some of our quickfire questions:
What is your spirit animal?
AW: Alyssa Reyes.
AR: Austin Webster – because he’s cute, kind and oh so good looking.
Favourite athlete?
AW: Sidney Crosby.  The work ethic and sportsmanship he shows is unreal.  Also, he scored the golden goal in 2010 so that was kind of wicked (shoutout to my hometown hero Iggy for setting it up).
AR: Philipp Lahm is my spirit athlete. Bayern Munich left wing defender who makes runs down the field for a casual goal every now and then.
How did you first get involved with REC?
AW: In first year when my residence floor did a longboat team together.  We had an interesting experience as the drain plug came out of our boat mid-race, however we managed to finish the race.  By the end of the race, the water in our boat was only about 6 inches from the top of the boat.
AR: As a free agent on two outdoor soccer teams, and when I joined my sorority I signed up for all of those teams as well.
Favourite song to get pumped up for a game or event?
AW: I don’t really use music to get pumped up anymore, but back when I played hockey in Calgary growing up, I used to listen to The Final Countdown when we went on warm up runs.
AR: Turn Down for What by DJ Snake & Lil’ John. YEAHYUH!
Favourite REC memory?
AW: First term ice hockey.  We went undefeated in the season in Tier 1, and were moved up to Elite for playoffs.  I was a little unsure about moving up to the higher division, but we ended up winning Elite so it turned out alright in the end.
AR: Winning Triple Crown with Alpha Gamma Delta. I could not ask for a better group of women to play sports with and compete in such an encouraging environment.
How many teams are you on?
AW: This year, I was on 16 teams in first term and 14 teams in second term. I also tried to participate in most of the events.
AR: Too many to count or even keep track of.
Favorite REC sport and event?
AW: Ice hockey – we always have a lot of fans that come out and cheer.  It’s always more fun if you can play in front of a crowd.  It’s hard to choose my favourite event.  Longboat and Storm are awesome because they are the big ones that you probably haven’t ever got the chance to do anything else similar in your life, but I also really enjoy Howl at the Moon because volleyball was one of my favourite sports growing up.
AR: Futsal, and On the Button Bonspiel!
Describe your UBC REC experience in one word (or two):
AW: Looooooong Sundays.
AR: Unforgettable.
Describe your competition style in one word:

AW: Hungover.
AR: Giggles.
Worst REC-related injury?
AW: When I fractured my thumb while playing goalie in Futsal.  It was at a terrible time too because Howl at the Moon was the next weekend and Howl is one of my favourite events in REC.  Still ended up playing, but it was a highly medicated experience.
AR: I nearly dislocated my shoulder during Water Wars in the hamster wheel. It was the first event we competed in and I kept going because I didn’t want our team to lose! What a time!
Favourite hockey team?
AW: This is a tough question.  I cheer for the Penguins because my favourite player is on that team, but I also really enjoy watching the Blackhawks play.  I guess you could say I like Canada’s two stars (Crosby and Toews) just because they are so talented they do some stuff that’s super entertaining to watch.  I will also always root for my hometown Flames, but their performance these last few years has made it very painful to watch.  Hopefully they can turn it around soon!
AR: The Bash Bros.
If you were a mascot, what would you be?
AW: Harvey the Hound for the Calgary Flames, just so I could dangle my tongue over the glass on top of Craig MacTavish.
AR: A Hyena for the Howling Hyenas! I am a terrible person. When I dangle someone in soccer I giggle like a mad person.
Who is going to win March Madness?
AW: I haven’t had a lot of time to pay attention to March Madness this year because I’ve been so busy with Leagues playoffs all ending during this same week so I honestly have no idea who is going to win.  I won my pool last year and didn’t even enter one this year because I had no time!
AR: Beta Dragons.
Interesting fact about yourself?
AW: When I graduate, I plan to move to Australia for 5-10 years and work in the oil and gas industry there.
AR: I was born in Saudi Arabia!
If you could give someone one piece of advice to win a REC championship, what would it be?
AW: Rush Beta.
AR: Don’t be on a team with Alex Remtulla.
With thousands of students participating in UBC REC every year, being awarded the Earl Award is a great accomplishment.  Both Austin and Alyssa have put a great amount of time and effort into their participation in the program.  Whether your UBC experience has been “unforgettable” like Alyssa’s, or you are celebrating your first championship, or or you’re still working hard for your first champion shirt, we hope that you all had a wonderful year with UBC REC.