Instructional Workshops with UBC Recreation

UBC Recreation recognizes that some participants want to take their practice to the next level and what better way to do that than with an instructional-specific workshop. Some of these workshops are intended to improve pre-existing skills, others will focus on new methods of practicing. These one-off workshops are a perfect way for everyone from the most novice to the most experienced participant to delve deeper into various instructional areas.

Dance Workshops

  • Intro to Breakdance Workshop
  • Intro to Salsa Dance Workshop

Fitness Workshops

  • Intro to Bouldering Workshop
  • Olympic Lifting Workshop

Pilates Workshops

  • Dynamic Stretching Workshop
  • Pilates for Better Posture Workshop

Yoga Workshops

  • Intro to Yoga Philosophy Workshop
  • Runner’s Yoga Workshop

Martial Arts Workshops

  • Hiki Te: Karate’s Secret Technique Workshop
  • Intro to Traditional Martial Arts Workshop