Tamara Slobogean Lesson #5: I've been Busy…Playing Tennis

Forgive me Godwin, it’s been four weeks since my last blog entry. But I’ve been busy….playing tennis. I’ve played every week since my last lesson. Sometimes I’ve hit the court up to three times a week. In fact, I write this last blog entry for the UBC Tennis Centre as I cool down between practicing my serve on the old wooden court on Galiano Island. I hit this court solo on Saturday mornings now, while my husband sleeps or while he fishes.  As he is devoted to fishing, I am now devoted to tennis. It’s my exercise, and it’s becoming my meditation. I think it serves the same purpose. With mind trained on the little yellow ball, no room for the pesky thoughts I try to shake when I sit in silence. I learnt a lot over six weeks of tennis lessons. I tackled a bunch of firsts and met some great new people.  In fact, we’ve started our own mini league. We’ve met religiously once a week at different public courts around town since our lessons wrapped. We’ve already talked about a follow up lesson or two with our man Godwin. Between his skill, instruction, encouragement and demeanor, I think it’s fair to say my classmates and I have a new appreciation for the game, and for our own ability and potential. If I could, I would play tennis everyday.
Tamara Slobogean is a local TV producer who has blogged about her experiences as the Blushing Frugal Bride. She’s now blogging her way through Tennis 2.5.