Fact or Fiction: Studying Edition

When it comes to study techniques, UBC students have tried it all, from study groups to caffeine-fueled all nighters. Find out how much you really know by guessing whether these strange study tips are fact or fiction!

FACT. Chew a certain flavour of gum while studying for a specific subject, and chew the same flavour of gum while you write the exam - the taste of the gum can help jog your memory.

FICTION. If anything, loud music will distract you from studying. If you do listen to background music, keep it at a low volume, and listen to classical or ambient instrumental music.

FICTION. While you may be tempted to load up on unhealthy snacks when you're stressed about midterms, studies have shown that junk food actually impairs your attention and thinking speed. Stick to a balanced diet instead!
junk food

FACT.  Doing 20 minutes of light exercise before taking your exam will rejuvenate you and improve your memory and brain power - so go for a walk!

FACT. Sushi, and all fish in general, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which boost your memory and overall brain health.

FICTION. Studying in bed will encourage you to nap instead of study; in fact, even studying in your bedroom can be too much of a distraction. Try studying in a new, unfamiliar place such as a library or coffee shop.

FACT. Studies have shown that speaking your notes out loud, as opposed to rereading them silently, increases the ability to memorize the material by 50%. Just make sure you're not distracting everyone around you.

FICTION. Stay away from video games while you're studying: not only are they a distraction, most video games don't boost your brainpower. Puzzle or logic games on the other hand are a great study break which help stimulate the brain and improve attention.
video games

FACT. Using rewards is a great way to stay motivated while you're studying. Eat a piece of chocolate after each chapter you finish, or work towards a bigger goal. Don't forget to treat yo' self!
treat yo self2
treat yo' self
treat yo self