UBC Campus on Instagram VS Real Life

Can everyone just stop walking to class for a second and clear out
so I can get a clear picture of the trees on Main Mall?!

1. Beanbags on Main Mall

On Instagram:

Let’s take a moment and appreciate these beanbags down on main mall

A photo posted by (@pardisbh) on

In Real Life:

beanbags real

They really don’t look like something you’d wanna lay down on.

2. Jumping into a Pile of Leaves

On Instagram:

  #autumn #vancouver #ubc   A photo posted by den. (@kwokdenise) on

In Real Life:

ground foliage real3

Did you sweep them together with your feet to make a pile?

3. Foilage on Buildings

On Instagram:

#ubc #building #leaves #autumn #architecture #vancouver   A photo posted by Kolina (@kolinakret) on

In Real Life:

leaves on building real2

Not quite the same..

4. Walking to Class

On Instagram:

Favourite spot for lunch break #vscocam#vsco #ubc #canada A photo posted by @alvinkong12 on

In Real Life:

walk to class2

Detour after detour.

5. The Flagpole

6. The Bus Loop

In Real Life:

bus loop real

…Oh wait it looks exactly the same.

But sometimes the campus is really as nice as it seems on Instagram.

On Instagram:

hey there #ubc how you doin’?

A photo posted by Chuchu (@dearcjiang) on

In Real Life:

chem building real

Just… Wow.