10 Impressive Talents in 10 Minutes

We know studying can take its toll on your desire to do, well, other human being activities. So we came up with a list of impressive things you can learn in under 10 minutes to impress your friends and family once exams are finally over. Whether they’re silly, entertaining or actually useful, we hope you’ll get a kick out of this list and it’ll take your mind off studying for a little while.

1. Master the art of pen twirling

First thing’s first! That pen you’ve been using for the last hour or so? It needs a break too. Learn how to twirl your pen around your thumb and hopefully not knock out the eye of the person sitting next to you in Irving.

You might not end up like this guy,

But even being able to do this mindlessly is pretty darn cool.

YouTube video

2. Become a Coke balancing wizard

This one is for all you science kids out there. Impress your friends by using a can of Coke’s centre of gravity to your advantage!

Step 1. Drink all the Coke. “Umm, sorry guys.. there might still be some Pepsi in the ‘fridge.”

Step 2. Pour 100 mL of water into the can. Step 3. Tilt the can at a 45 degree angle on the groove at the bottom of the can. Step 4. Let go of the can.

Step 5. Wiggle your fingers around the can for a levitating effect, and watch as your friends are instantly amazed. Yer a wizard, [Insert your name here]!

Step 6. Attend Hogwarts.

3. Folding clothes? More like, foldin-DONE.

This one might not impress your friends, but it’ll definitely impress your mom.

4. More folding! But this time, a napkin rose.

A spontaneous and adorable way to show someone that the florist was closed on your way to the restaurant. Just kidding! This napkin rose, which can be made in less than a minute, represents that your love lasts forever and will never wilt and die. Better luck next time, old Nokia phones.

YouTube video

5. Sing the alphabet backwards

This is a great option if you have an upcoming group job interview and desperately need an interesting fact about yourself. However, be warned – we can’t guarantee they won’t ask you to perform it. To sing the alphabet song backwards, say it like this. It follows the tune properly and even rhymes in the right places.

z y x w v and u t and s and r and q p o n m l k j, i h g f e-d-c-b-a

Now I know my ZYX’s Next time won’t you sing with me… x’s?

(We’re still working on that ending.)

6. Be more confident

When you’re in a social situation you find awkward or strained, make yourself appear comfortable. Stand in a more powerful and dominating stance, or find the best chair and kick back, whatever it takes. This also works great to get rid of the jitters – if your posture screams confidence, your mind is tricked into thinking that you are. If you get cozy, you appear more powerful and will enjoy the experience more regardless. We’re definitely looking forward to those various Christmas parties (Oh gosh, I’ll only know like, two people).

7. Lace up (for kids!)

Even though Lace Up for Kids 2014 is over, we still can’t get over the whole shoelaces theme. In fact, we’re so obsessed that we’re going to show you how to better tie your shoelaces in TWO different ways. Get excited guys. The first way to better tie your shoes is using Ian’s Secure Knot. This knot is almost 3 times stronger (needs 3 times more tension to be pulled undone) than your regular rabbit-in-the-hole knot. We definitely think all the white converses with laces undone roaming around campus could use this knot instead.   The other way is so revolutionary that it has its own Ted Talk. It’s the strong form of the knot that we were all taught way back in preschool. As Terry Moore passionately describes, this form will “let you down less often.” What a beautiful and heartfelt description of shoelaces.

8. Be Happier

This positive psychology technique might just improve your life satisfaction. Every night, before going to sleep, write down 10 good things about your day. These can be things that make you proud or that you’re grateful for, achievements you’ve made or situations where you acted according to your values. Doing this will help you keep a positive and grounded perception of your life, and will improve your mental health greatly. If you can’t find the time to write down 10 things in a journal every night, try making a happiness jar for 2015. Get a jar and every day, write down one thing that made you happy on a slip of paper. It can be something as simple as catching up with a friend over coffee, a good hair day, or that everyone shuffled to the back of the bus when the driver asked (can this happen more often please?). At the end of the year, unfold all those slips and read all the amazing things that happened in 2015. And for all you creative cats out there, feel free to DIY and decorate your mason jar to your liking! Evidence has shown that happy thoughts lead to a generally happier and more optimistic outlook on life. Life can be hard on all us sometimes, especially with exams and colder, darker days approaching. This is a cheap and simple way in which you can improve your well-being by, well, just being grateful! If you’re struggling with anything from homesickness to sleep to anxiety, check out UBC Wellness for information on where you can find support on campus.

9. Always know which day of the week a certain day falls

“I’m having a party on April 1st, 2015 – but you’re not invited!” “That’s a Wednesday. Sorry, that’s when my Pokemon club meets.” “April Fool’s! Just kiddin- wait, how did you do that?”

Now we’re not going to lie, this one’s a little bit math heavy. But don’t fear! It’s called the Doomsday rule and is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. Learn it here! Or you can just ask Siri. But you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool. Go math. Quick, what day of the week were you born on?

10. Pull your scarf through your neck

Scarves are an essential for the wintertime and this magic trick is just too awesome to handle. No coins, cards or pigeons required. Just a scarf that goes right through your neck. Ready?

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