5 Awkward Moments You May Experience in Intramurals Ice-Hockey League

Sometimes when playing this wonderful sport, ice-hockey players get so into the game that they often forget their surroundings and create awkward moments for themselves and/or teammates. Here are a few samples of what you might see while watching or playing in our ice-hockey league.

1. We all know how excited players get once they’ve scored and how nice it is to celebrate with someone

But maybe it should be with someone on your team.

2. Skating can be challenging at times but you never want to be one of those players who collides with their own team.

3. Goalies have so much pressure on them and when someone just taps it in… it can be quite awkward

Or when the puck bounces in

4. You know you’re an ice-hockey player when your team manager has to hold your fake teeth while you play. Awkward much?

5. And last but not least, as I said before skating can be hard and sometimes you might lose balance.

Everyone should always remember to have a nice clean game.

by Tamara Whiteside
Assistant Director of the Todd Ice Hockey League