What Kind of Yogi are You?

Yoga is a fun, effective way to stay physically fit and de-stress! The best part is, yoga is for everyone – no matter what category of ‘yogi’ you fall under. Join UBC Intramurals’ Live Active Outreach team on Friday, February 27th at the Recreation Center at 12:00 P.M. for UBC’s Largest Yoga Class.

Nama-stay in Bed Yogi

Yoga? You think you’ve heard of it… that’s something that happens before noon, so maybe you’ll just dream about it. That counts, right?


Hey, you made it, didn’t you? You’ve sat down in your invisible chair and the teacher has twisted your spine like the Twizzlers you are going to deserve after this class, and you’d really just appreciate a little bit of time to nap to this relaxing music.


Just like your cartoon spirit animal, there’s nothing you like more than “pic-a-nics” – so in order to balance out all your favourite pic-a-nic snacks, you’ve taken up a few yoga classes a week. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, right, Boo Boo?


You knew what ‘chakra’ meant without having to Google it. And you are enough of a yogi to have started to see the results of aligning them in the form of your hard-chakra abs.


Your dedication to the yogi lifestyle is evidenced in the fact that you don’t own a pair of jeans. You feel your best in yoga attire, just in case the time comes where you need to break out in Dancer’s Pose for a well-timed Instagram.


Your day is never complete without a few Sun Salutations. You are often accused of floating instead of walking. You sometimes wake up in Downward Dog, have watched Eat, Pray, Love, and yeah, you can put your foot there.

Not quite sure where you fit?

Why not stop by UBC’s Largest Yoga Class to find out?
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Post by Lyndsay Gundesen
Assistant Director of Live Active Outreach