Storm The Wall Mosaic Art Submissions

Have you seen our staff trying to collect artwork on tablets?

Well if you don’t have time to stop and create one with our friendly student staff you can still do one at home!

Step 1:

Download a FREE drawing app! Here are some that we recommend.

For Android – Sketchbook Express

For Apple Products – Tayasui Sketches

For Windows – Fresh PaintFresh_Paint_Logo

Step 2:

Download one of our backgrounds:




Step 3:

Draw your heart out!
You can draw your name, a pretty picture or write your favourite thing about #stormthewall. Get creative!!

Any drawings containing content deemed inappropriate including (but not limited to) inappropriate references or comments, crude language, or nudity will not be utilized.
The drawings must be on one of our approved backgrounds available above in Step 2.
The dimensions of the backgrounds are 1280x800px. To ensure that we do not have to crop any of your work, please stick to these dimensions

Step 4:

Email your creation to by FRIDAY MARCH 20th

Step 5:

Come out to watch the event and find your piece of artwork! Check out our Facebook Event for more details of the event.