8 Easier Ways to Storm The Wall

Physicists are baffled by UBC students’ decision to use brute force to Storm the Wall. Here are 8 ways to make your storming waaayyy easier. We’ll assume we want to minimizing force (how much you push), and that the participant is a 75 kg spherical student.

The Pulley

In a 2-pulley system like this one, you’d receive double the force initially applied!

The Ramp

A ramp reduces the force you need to move something upwards!




The Infinitely Gradual Frictionless Ramp

This ramp really reduces the force necessary, although you’ll need to push for a really long time.

Have the Wall become Shorter than You

When something travels close to the speed of light (relative to yourself), its length contracts!



Experience Time Slower than your Competition

If you travel close to the speed of light, you’ll age slower – giving you a valuable time advantage.

Storm through the Wall via a Tunnel

You know how a tunnel works: eliminate that vertical gain.



Storm through the Wall via Quantum Tunnelling

Quantum mechanics tells us that there is a probability of being anywhere at any point in time. With a bit of luck, all the particles in your body might simultaneously tunnel to the other side of the wall.


The Wall Storms through You

Using the same principles, the wall might quantum tunnel past you.


Whether you’re Storming the Wall or not, there’s plenty of ways to get involved in this year’s event! Shows, festivities and much more! The action begins this Sunday, which you can check out here.

An article by Jon Parnell