Activity Preview: Hope You're Feeling Lucky, It's Rushin' Roulette!

Welcome to the Activity Preview series. We’re giving you a sample of activities here so you know what you’re getting yourself into. 
Grab your four leaf clover, rabbit’s foot and even that lucky pair of underwear because you’ll want luck on your side for this activity. Oh and you’ll also want some ice water in your veins as luck meets pressure in this game of Rushin’ Roulette
Activity: Rushin’ Roulette
Intensity Level: Low
Description: Spin the wheel with great caution as it will decide your fate. Rushin’ Roulette requires you to complete a number of  mini-challenges in a short amount of time requiring a great deal of wit and precision. Keep your fingers crossed while the wheel spins because not all challenges may play to your team’s strengths.