Press Release: Storm the Wall 2016

April Fool’s Day!!

Storm the Wall 2016 Wall Height To Be Reduced to 10.5 ft.
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC – Organizers of the popular Intramurals event Storm the Wall announced early this morning that the notorious wall will be reduced from its original 12 feet height down to 10.5 feet.
UBC Intramurals organizers expect this change to improve the feasibility of the event and encourage a wider range of participants in future years. The reduction in wall height stemmed from the inability of any of this year’s Super Ironmen to complete the event. Setting unrealistic feats of athleticism goes against UBC Intramurals’ mission to promote healthy and balanced lifestyles. Last year’s Super Ironman John Wheler was the first person to complete the event in five years.
In a statement released by UBC Intramurals, student staff Jon Parnell commented, “Storm the Wall is ranked the #1 experience at UBC. Being advertised as a must-do experience, UBC Intramurals believes it’s important to make this event as accessible and inclusive as possible.”
After careful deliberation and research, it was concluded that it is nearly impossible for the average human to have a high enough vertical jump to reach a 12 foot wall and pull himself over, in addition to completing the other portions of the race. A vote was carried out and a slight majority succeeded in convincing the organizers to decrease the wall height to the much more feasible 10.5 feet.
The University and its Intramurals organization stand by this decision, which will take effect during next year’s Storm the Wall event in 2016. Registration was the largest yet for the event this year, with 800 teams participating. It is the hope of UBC Intramurals that this decrease in wall height will lead to increased participation from students of all athletic calibre and experience.
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Happy April Fools Day!!

April 1, 2015 – 4:03PM – An earlier version of this article ran that included content that made light of accessibility and participation in Storm the Wall and recreation activities. UBC Recreation is committed to providing programming that is open for all individuals regardless of their background or abilities. The UBC Recreation Digital Media team regrets this error.