A note of thanks…

We are thrilled to be reconnecting with our UBC intramural staff alumni!  Highlighting current alumni initiatives, Intramural updates, and program history, this publication will showcase all that is great about the program that you have all played an integral role in building.  For this first issue, there is much to celebrate, update and look forward to including: the UBC IM Alumni Banquet, the UBC IM Alumni Reunion, Storm the Wall, SRC student office upgrades and upcoming opportunities.
Before jumping into it though, a quick acknowledgement of those who have helped us get to a place to be able to distribute this newsletter.  First, a thank you to all of the members on our IM Alumni Council who have helped us build our network and contribute content: Alvin Lee, Arleta Lucarelli, Atlee James, Bonnie Hunter, Carla Banfield, Cathy Noel, Cindy Stewart, Derek Adams, Erin Shannon, George Mapson, Heather Mitton, Jamie Young, Jason McManus, Fred Hume, Kerry Armstrong, Kim Torreggiani, Kirstin Delp, Kris  Gustavson, Leslie Beleski, Mark Tasaka, Natacha Corrie, Noel Buckley, Rob Lindsay, Steplhanie von Dehn, Steve Gustavson, Steve Laing and Tom Carter.  At the helm, of course, we have been very grateful to our tireless leaders, Nestor Korchinsky and Joanie – their dedication and leadership continue to inspire all!
Finally, a quick comment on UBC’s Centennial – officially launching in Vancouver on September 30, 2015 and closing with Alumni Weekend on May 28, 2016.  This year marks the centennial of UBCs first class and will be highlighted by a variety of University Centennial Initiatives.  While signature events such as Day of the Longboat and Storm the Wall will continue to anchor the calendar, our official centennial involvement will focus on two newer initiatives: The Storm the Wall Festival (Sun Mar 20) and UBC Staff and Faculty Sports Day.
As we look forward to another great year, I hope that you will take the time to consider re-engaging with the program in whatever manner works best for you.  Be it joining us on April 9 for the Student Volunteer and Alumni Appreciation Banquet, speaking at one of our mentorship events, or jumping into a longboat on Sunday October 4, we hope to reconnect soon.
Michael Tan
Director, Intramurals and Recreation