Intramural Alumni – Why are we Connecting?

A Message from Steve Laing | Former UBC Intramural Volunteer and Events Fulltime Staff
1. We are trying to reconnect with those people that we shared some great times in our lives with.
2. We are NOT ASKING FOR MONEY – at least not yet.  No seriously we are doing this because for most of us – we met some of the most important people in our lives during this time.  Some of us met our partners and some of us met our best friends, but for most of us it was a pretty great time in our lives and to be blunt we owe it all to the big guy (that is NESTOR).  He brought us together, provided us the opportunity to be greater than the sum of our parts and most importantly made each and every one of us feel as if we were the most important person in the world at some point or another during our time with the Intramurals program.
3. What we are really trying to do is create an alumni network of the amazing people that we all worked with back in the day to provide a forum to see what each other is up to, provide opportunities for people to become mentors to present day students, who have asked to know more about the history of the program and want to become part of the legacy.
4. We want to encourage people to attend the Intramural Year end Banquet.  This last spring we had over 90 IM Alumni attend and a great time was had by all!  This year we are celebrating UBC’s 100th birthday which in itself is something special .  There are other Alumni events planned so stay  tuned.
5. Our long term goal is to develop a scholarship program that will attract great student administrators like the varsity program attracts great student athletes and to provide a long term funding source to ensure the continued success and longevity of the Intramural program that we all worked very hard to contribute to.  This DOESN’T mean that we are going to be asking everyone to contribute financially – it doesn’t even mean that anyone will have to contribute financially, what is means is that these are the first steps in a process by which we can develop a database of people that not only contributed to the success of a program that we all hold dear to our hearts at some level, but also went on to be great in their lives after the Intramurals program.
6. In the past many IM Alumni have been involved with the UBC Recreation Program as speakers in their Rec 101 Program, serving as Career Mentors , arranging workplace visitations and the like.  This has proven to be an outstanding experience for our current students and something the IM Alumni would like to continue to encourage in the years ahead.
7. The outstanding impact that the Recreation Program has had on campus life is without question.   However, its continued success may well hinge on the voices heard from our IM Alumni particularly at the administrative level where an ever increasing demand is being made on limited resources.   The needs of the Program will requires our attention.
6. The First step is to get the people on our respective lists to join the Intramural Sports Alumni group.   Here is the link:
7. Regular meetings are held and you are encouraged to participate by attending or sending along your comments and suggestions.  Let me know.