UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs Take Flight

Introduced in 2013 and launched in September of this year, the Athletics & Recreation department has generated a new competitive stream called the UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs (TSC). This new program allows competitive clubs to compete in non-CIS/NAIA sports while representing the University.
Many current UBC TSC teams were formerly AMS clubs which has a recreation team and/or a competitive team. However, the competitive clubs team under AMS were not able to officially represent the university in competitions. The goal of offering the competitive club stream is to provide more opportunities for the competitive club teams at UBC to represent the university in competitions and to provide further student leadership opportunities.
The UBC TSC stream also focuses on student leadership and development as the teams are completely student run with background support from the Athletics & Recreation department in the form of the Sport Club Coordinator. This gives student-athletes the opportunity to learn the different challenges that may arise when managing and leading a sport team. As part of the plan to support the student-athletes, the Athletics & Recreation department provides resources such as Head Coach Hiring and Recruitment support, Understanding the Financial aspects of managing a sport team, Athlete Development workshops, and funding for national competitions to aid each team.
Currently the UBC TSC has 9 sports and 12 teams under their umbrella and are looking to recruit more teams in the future. The Athletics & Recreation department hopes this new competitive tier can create valuable experiences for student-athletes during their university career.

Alpine Ski Nordic Skiing Tennis
Fencing Sailing Ultimate
Field Lacrosse Synchronized Swimming Wrestling

More information on UBC TSC existing team please contact the team directly through their team email, or as a club interested in applying for TSC sanctioning or for general inquiries, email sport.clubs@ubc.ca