The IM Staff and a Fall 2015 Program Recap

It wouldn’t seem appropriate to give an Intramural update without first speaking about our staff. 125 strong, they continue to be some of the most influential student leaders on the campus. Although things may have changed on the surface, the core of the program is still rooted in Nestor’s vision of creating an experience that would bring the academics and extra-curricular activities together. Empowering our staff with the responsibilities to bring this experience to life continues to be at the forefront of what we do.
Although what we call ourselves may have evolved over the years, or the specifics of each department may change the st
ructure of our program has remained true. Three
core sectors manage and produce programming: 10 Leagues | 20 Events | and Marketing through social media, partnerships, sponsorship and education.
What has been the most significant shift in the student staff within the past 5 years was the creation of a senior student staff team called Program Development. Their role that continues to grow is to not focus on the programming but rather the staff themselves. Without any affiliation to the execution or management of programming, the Program Development team manages everything from retreats and training, to socials and awards and anything in between. Most recently is creating a connection between our esteemed Alumni and our current student staff.
We are incredibly exited as we continue bringing Alumni back into our program. All signs point to the future being bigger and better!
Day of the Longboat 2015

Photo Cred: Jensen Tung

Photo Cred: Jensen Tung

One for the record books! With spectacular sunrises, sunny skies and calm-enough waters, the 2015 Day of the longboat was on record with over 350 teams taking the water in the two days. Highlighting this year competition was the unprecedented number of teams in the “Just for Fun” category. Officially introduced into the event in 2012, the category has allowed teams to take part in a non-competitive manner. This year’s competition featured over half of the teams registered to be “Just for Fun
This year’s Alumni race featured a field of 6 boats with “Team Vintage” back to defend their 2015 title. With a brilliant start to the race it looked to be anyone’s race but as the teams headed to Baton Beach fate would have a relatively small but mighty wave claim 2 of the front running boats giving team “Stroking in Public” the chance to paddle to the championship and that they did. Congratulations to everyone who competed.
As part of their winning’s team “Stroking In Public” have been invited back as guests of the Intramural program to defend their title in 2016 and I am sure they are already well into their dryland training.
Check out the Alumni Race :
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League Sports Program
Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies

Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies

Where it all began and still continuing to be the corner stone of the Intramural experience, the Leagues program is alive and well. This year we saw an unprecedented jump at registration with Leagues filling to their capacity long before academic year began! As enrollment of the university continues to grow this may be a sign of things to come.  Over 450 teams in 10 leagues the leagues program has continued in its traditional intramural nature while continuing to grow and evolve. This past September saw an intramural first with the introduction of the “Officials Development” department solely dedicated to supporting the over 130 leagues officials. The providing of accredited certifications programs as well as attention to ongoing evaluation and training are just the beginning. The future hopes to open doors into social and long-term development opportunities. It’s an exciting time in the leagues program!
Annual Intramural Alumni Summit 1.0 – November 7th 2015
As part of our continued expansion of Alumni programming we are incredibly excited to be hosting the 3rd Annual Intramural Alumni Summit next weekend, November 7th 2015. The summit is a chance for staff to meet and hear from former student staff who have taken their experience and brought it to the “real world”. To say that our staff have gone on to do incredible things is a drastic understatement – from doctors to engineers, musicians to photographers, from innovative entrepreneurs to those who are part of the team to bring the Olympic games to the world, our alumni are as impressive as they are diverse. To have them come back and share those experiences has been an incredible addition and inspiration to all our staff; student and professional.
Lace Up For Kids – November 26th 2015
The last program of the term is our annual Lace Up for Kids event at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena. The event is very different to our traditional programs as the teams and individuals involved fundraise through October and November building towards the end of November celebration. From main mall dunk tanks, movie nights or a night out downtown, each team creates their own unique events that all contribute to the end goal. With over a quarter of a million dollars raised since being introduce to the UBC campus, Lace Up for Kids continues to be a major supporter of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation work with the Rare Disease Foundation. For children affected by a rare disease research is care. And as such, therein lies the connection with UBC as much of the research takes place by medical professionals and researchers associated with the university. We are very proud of our partnership and look forward to many years ahead.
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