My Leagues Story

What would you do differently if you could go back to being a first year again? Now that I’m in my fifth year, I’ve asked myself this question multiple times and the answers always varied. The only answer that stayed consistent is that I would have joined a UBC Intramurals leagues team. I don’t care what league it was, but I should’ve have joined one.

It wasn’t until I was in my third year that I figured out I’ve been missing something in my UBC life. I really wanted to play volleyball ever since high school, but it just never happened. Lo and behold, a little birdy told me that UBC Intramurals has a volleyball league. At that point, I was a part of UBC Dance Club and knew a few people in that club who were also interested in playing volleyball.  We all agreed that we would register in the Just For Fun tier since we were all pretty rusty. I registered our team for a Term 2 spot, submitted our roster, and showed up to our first game. BAM! That’s when the ball started rolling for me.

I started out with just being on just one leagues team to now 5 different ones. Volleyball league led to ultimate which led to dodgeball, ball hockey, and basketball. For me, playing on a leagues team is more than wanting to win; it’s about making new friends (or catching up with friends) and taking a break from the stress of school work. It’s also how I get my daily exercise and have fun at the same time. I’ve never won a champ shirt in all the leagues I’ve played in, but that didn’t, and won’t, stop me from joining a leagues team again.

I am currently playing in the UBC Rec Dodgeball League, Ultimate League, Nitobe Basketball League and Bodin Ball Hockey League. Almost got to play on a women’s Point Grey Flag Football League team, but there weren’t enough women’s team signed up to have a women’s tier this term. Same thing happened with ball hockey, so our team is currently playing in a men’s tier (which did not stop us from giving our 110% when we play). Hopefully we will get more women’s team for next term!


Butterfingers (Ultimate League) – Term 1, 2014

If you’re on the fence about forming a leagues team or joining a team, just go for it! Trust me, once you start your first game, you’ll already be thinking about your next few games. Term 2 leagues registration is already open and I’ve got my heart set on a few leagues. Check out the UBC Recreation website to see which league you’d be interested in:
See you on the court/field/arena!

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