UBC TSC Tennis has Nationals in their sights

kieran2By Josh Martin, Head of Communications
This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak with Kieran Bertsch, the Captain and Executive Club Lead of the UBC Thunderbirds Tennis Sports Club. Bertsch is completing his final year at UBC as both a fourth-year civil engineering student and as a member of the UBC TSC Tennis. The soon-to-be graduate has taken the reins on leading on and off the courts this year— a challenge that Bertsch has embraced with open arms.
“It’s a fun experience leading the [club], a lot more work than I thought it would be, but I’m definitely glad I’m doing it. It’s my last year so I might as well give it a shot while I can.”
In his final year, Bertsch has made it abundantly clear that structure is essential in the making of a successful club. He brought this mentality to the try-out process at the start of the season, where he and the Head Coach, Wes Bertsch (Kieran Bertsch’s brother), made the tough decisions on comprising a men and women’s club.
“This year [at tryouts] I came up with a plan so that everyone had a fair 30-45 minutes of playing time. They all [played on] half court—so we had four players to each court.
“It was a process that worked really well, and of course it’s always tough when you’re picking a [club] with so many players on the cusp of making it. I feel like we made a good choice, the [club] is committed.”
The confidence that Bertsch holds in his club is transparent. He believes that this year his group is stronger than ever and if his players come out to all three practices each week (two training days and one match play day) they have a good shot at taking home Nationals—a feat in which they cannot afford to lose.
“Our main goal is to make it to nationals and win. To do that we [can’t] lose anything. We have to win Regionals to make it to Westerns and win Westerns to make it to Nationals.”
Bertsch and his squad will get their first test this upcoming weekend, Nov. 20-22, at an Invitational Tournament hosted by SFU at the Burnaby Tennis Club. This will serve as a good measure as to where UBC stands against the likes of rival universities UVIC and SFU.