What's happening at UBC Recreation: Recap January 4th – 15th

Happy January and welcome back to classes, campus and UBC Recreation Intramurals! We kicked off the new year and semester with Free Week, a series of fun fitness challenges and all of our wonderful league sports.
Free Week

Free – what a beautiful word.

UBC Recreation Free Week was last week from Monday January 11th to Sunday the 17th. We saw some familiar faces and some brand new ones (exciting!) at the SRC Studio, Ponderosa Studio and even the Tennis Centre. It was a great opportunity for everyone from students to staff to try out a free class and check off that New Years Resolution list.

If you tried a class and loved it, click here to register online for the rest of the semester.
Fit Mix Challenge
Our annual Fit Mix Challenge was last Friday, January the 15th. We host this event to bring everyone back down to earth after the winter holidays and to jump start all those New Years Resolutions. It’s not easy to pull a car, flip and squat a tire or jump over meter-high traffic barricades but these students were up to the challenge!

Jump #UBCFitMix

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For those of you who despise group projects, Fit Mix allows you to race only yourself and the clock. The one potential downside? There’s only one person to blame if you didn’t do so hot. Don’t worry, you can always try again next year!
League Kick Offs
The first league games started last week and if you thought they’d begin nice and easy, you thought wrong! Yesterday held another instalment in the rivalry between the two pharmacy Todd Ice Hockey teams, Pharmacy Flyers and the Pharma Studs. They promised another close game and they delivered exactly that.
When asked about the rivalry, Adrian Maclaren (First Year Pharmacy Student, Pharmacy Flyers) said that it would “give bragging rights amongst the faculty” and he knew for sure he wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that. He also comments that he’s a rookie this year and have only played one Pharmacy rival game that ended in a tie!

Pharmacy Flyers Vs. Pharma Studs

Joining a league is a great way to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t, whether it’s a campus-wide division or those in your own faculty. If you’ve got a stellar teammate and want to show them off, use the hashtag #TeammateTuesday on social media!
Upcoming Events
As January comes to a close, here are a couple more events to look forward to. Check them out below!
Gladiator – January 21st and 22nd
On the Button Curling Bonspiel – January 31st