Dog Lovers Stroll 2: March 1

Back by popular demand: Dog Lovers Stroll! Help your dog get more activity and join other dog lovers for a walk. If you don’t own a dog but have a love for them, feel free to join dog owners on this fantastic on and off leash 45-60 min dog walk starting at the Martha Piper Plaza at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, March 1.  We’ll travel from Martha Piper Plaza down past the Rose Gardens to a long set of stairs to the beach (which is an off-leash area). Rain or shine, because dogs don’t generally care about the weather!

Dog owners: please ensure to bring your dog leashed.  Please only bring your dog if he/she is good with new people and new dogs. Please also ensure to bring bags to clean up after your pet if needed!

All participants: if you experience allergies, are uncomfortable with animals, we would recommend opting out of this event unfortunately. Other walks, however, in this program are more than appropriate for you!  Only part of this walk is accessible for wheelchairs as we will be taking the stairs to the beach, but you’re still welcome to join!