Intramurals Winter Update 2016

2016 is in full swing and as we hit the mid-point of the semester it’s hard to believe that we are only a few weeks from the end of the term. September seems so long ago, yes I am always surprised when we arrive in January and begin the process of hiring the team that will carry us through the next year. At this point we have hired three of the four Program Development team as well as the 21 Directors across the Leagues, Events & Marketing sector. This year was no exception in that many took the opportunity to not only continue their volunteer work with us, but to step into a new leadership role. We are very excited to also announce that both our Student Engagement & Officials Development departments, both in their inaugural year, are solidified as part of the Intramural team moving forward and what we expect will be many years to come. As Storm season comes into view the applications for Assistant Directors will no doubt be flooding in.  We can’t wait!

Lace Up for Kids

Student staff members taking a photo-op break from working hard on the ice at Lace Up for Kids.

Student staff members taking a photo-op break from working hard on the ice at Lace Up for Kids.

In our last update, we were just around the corner to the 8th Annual Lace Up for Kids fundraiser in support of BC Children’s Hospital and their continued commitment to rare disease research. This year’s event raised just under $40,000 and featured magic, music, dancing and plenty of smiling faces! Both our staff and the community of UBC look forward to the event every year for all of it joy, excitement and the opportunity to contribute to a tremendous cause. Check out this years recap video here.

Fit Mix Challenge

The 2nd annual Fit Mix Challenge took place in early January with the weather clearing just when it needed to provide a cool and brisk backdrop to this years event. Individual strength, endurance, and agility were all on display as participants took part in a series of challenges that included a car pull. Suspiciously, and for the second year in a row, the staff accidently left the parking brake on. Oops!

In the end the challenge provided another aspect to the growing uniqueness in the Intramurals & Recreation Program.

A strong contender at our second annual Fit Mix Challenge.
A strong contender at our second annual Fit Mix Challenge.

UBC Yoga Rave

Who said that Yoga and deep house tunes don’t go together perfectly? The 1st ever UBC Yoga Rave took place on February 3rd and was a sold out success. The Yoga Rave combined Kundalini yoga (a dynamic and fast-paced form of movement) dance music, lights and a live DJ. It had all the signs of an exclusive concert with participants lining up almost an hour before the doors opened dressed in their very best combination of neon and yoga wear. After a quick touch of florescent paint they headed into an amazing experience and for many, exactly what they needed during the stress of midterms. An amazing event orgainized by our Live Active Outreach team and one that I suspect will be in high demand next year.

UBC Intramural's Yoga Rave.

UBC Intramural’s Yoga Rave.

Gladiator & Faculty Cup

One is a long standing tradition and the other is a long standing tradition in a new form. Gladiator & Faculty Cup rounded out the end of our January programing. Longstanding is Gladiator and has become one of largest events outside of our major programming (Longboat, Triathlon & Storm). Featuring a gym full of inflatable obstacles, it’s a great way for everyone to reconnect with their inner 6 year old.

The Faculty Cup is not something that is new to UBC, as it has existed in many forms since the first Intramural game was played on Nov 1st 1935. Through the years it has taken many forms and for the past two year the format of a one day tournament has taken root. Featuring 10 facult

Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies

Some excited staff working a station at our Ice-Age Gladiator event!

ies competing in seven different event including bubble soccer, monster pong, goal ball and rock climbing in the new facility if the Nest, the 2nd annual Faculty Cup brings a twist to intramural competition. The staggering speed and growth of campus culture and life has left many students disconnected to the idea of competing as faculty vs faculty. This event, hosted in partnership with the AMS has given new life to the age old rivalries… even if in just a friendly game of Giant Twister,

Vancouver Street Soccer & League Sports

As mentioned above, the growth of our campus may have impacted certain areas of our programming however League Sports continues to be the backbone of the Intramural Program. Featuring over 450 teams in nine sports, the largest portion of our student staff and the nearly 120 students that make up our officiating team, it is truly the the core of intramural competition. Through firmly aligned in tradition the League sports also has a few newer programs to be proud of, most recently our partnership with the Vancouver Street Soccer League and our annual tournament featuring players from both the VSSL and UBC leagues. This year’s annual tournament took place on February 13, 2016 and was one of the most successful and well attended events we have had in recent years. We are very proud to host this annual competition and look forward to it for years to come.

For more information please visit the VSSL site here.

Triathlon & Storm the Wall

What would March be at UBC without endless feet of blue fencing, bark mulch and those two giant walls sitting in the middle of campus. Between the UBC Triathlon and Storm the Wall, March is by far the biggest impact that our program has on UBC. Moreover, what makes this year particularly exciting for us is the return to the AMS South Plaza where both the triathlon’s cycle transition and the Walls truly belong.

If Day of the Longboat is the perfect way to start the year, then Storm the Wall is the best way to end it. There are a few new elements this year that you should certainly be aware of.

Sunday March 20             UBC Alumni Races & Community Festival

Thursday March 23          Iron & SuperIron Finals, UBC CoRec Championsips & 1st Ever “Wall Challenge”

The wall challenge will be the closing element of this year’s event and we expect it to be a huge spectacle. This year, teams that have registered in the event will have the opportunity to test their skills in the wall challenge. With 60 teams competing in heats of 4 it will be a spectacle unlike any other we have seen at the event. We expect to see some amazing times if this video is any indication.           

Alpha Delta Phi – Storm the Wall 2011 – Mens Final Wall competed in 33 seconds.

For more information, to register your alumni team & event schedules, click here.

And if you are just looking for some memories, last years Storm the Wall recap video can be see here.