UBC Intramurals Alumni Summit 2015/16

Written by Julie Rosenfeld, Program Developer at UBC Recreation Intramurals. 

Nearly, four years ago, our Program Development team and several members of our student staff began exploring ways of bringing UBC Intramural Alumni back into the program. One of those interactions was to create a forum to share their experiences, their stories and most importantly, offer context and encouragement to current staff as to why the time spend as part of Intramurals was so important to them.

The following year, the idea was launched and this year our program hosted the 4th and 5th semi-annual UBC Intramural Alumni Summit’s at the UBC Centre for Student Involvement.

Our first term summit (4th semi-annual) took place last November and was focused on young Alumni. For the first time in our summit series, we had current students present workshops to their peers. Both the “networking” and “resume building” workshops were well received and it was great to see the peer to peer interactions occur outside of our normal working environment. The workshops were then followed by small group talks from our Intramural Alumni Chloe Tarbet and Ellen Kim. Both coming from amazingly

Our wonderful alumni delivering tips and tricks on how Intramurals can propel the future to current students.

Our wonderful alumni delivering tips and tricks on how Intramurals can propel the future to current students.

different back-grounds and time in our program, it was inspiring to hear how our common experience in Intramurals can lead to such different paths.

 The evening continued with a group panel hosted by Colton Powell, where Ellen and Chloe were joined by Nat Jay, Nathan Wong and Kait Mooney.  All were excited to share their experiences and reflections from both in and outside the program as well as their advice to getting the most out of their time here at Intramurals and UBC. The concluded from the 25+ current student staff having an opportunity to talk less formally to the alumni whike enjoying snacks and refreshments.

Most recently on February 6th, we hosted the 5th Alumni summit and although with a slightly shorter program, Nikki Freeman gave as an amazing look into her work with Crankworx Whistler and the journey that brought her there. Lawrence Lam hosted the panel discussion that saw Nikki being joined by Shelley Tweedle, Dave Thomson and Kris Gustavson. The conversation cross many topics ranging from advice post-graduating, why the time in University was so important to building your personal foundation to inspirational life lessons for all. It was truly amazing to hear our alumni reflect on the program with such great memories that they still hold clear in their minds today.

Special thanks to Alumni Colton Powell and Lawrence Lam who hosted each of the panels respectively. These events are extremely well received by our student staff and have resulted in many students finding well-needed advice, life lessons and making connections for the future. Furthermore, these events go a long way in connecting our current staff with the history and legacy of our program. Alumni have shared the same enthusiasm as they want to hear about how the program has changed, and everything that continues to thrive and grow. As each of our students eventually become alumni of our Intramurals family, it’s phenomenal to see how easily we come together over common ground once a semester and enjoy each others company.

If your Intramural experience played a major influence in your university or life experience, we would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact us at im.prod@ubc.ca