3 Generations Attend the First “UBC REC Alumni Family Christmas Party”

History was made last December as the first ever “UBC REC Alumni Family Christmas Party” was hosted by St. Nick, himself! (That would be Nestor!) St. Nick and Mrs. Claus (Joanie) made sure that special decorative touches ensured a welcoming and festive feeling.

And a big thanks to the “elves” (Natasha and Clarence) who planned the amazing arts and crafts tables and seasonal music!  Set in a private setting of the UBC Rugby Pavilion, everyone shared their favourite seasonal dishes and beverages to enjoy!

As the kids spent time creating Christmas crafts, their parents enjoyed the company of other outstanding UBC REC alumni, some of whom had only heard stories of their former colleagues.

“It was so good to reconnect and meet some of the former student administrators from 40 years ago, of whom we’ve so much to be grateful for setting the foundations of our, hugely, successful campus recreation program today. ” said Mike Tan, Director of the UBC Recreation Program.

Jason McManus, Manager of the Intramural Sports Program, added “They have, obviously, been so successful in their careers and personal lives. Always inspiring!”


The crew out for the Winter 2015 Alumni Reunion!

The crew out for the Winter 2015 Alumni Reunion!