IM Alumni Weekend – April 8-9, 2016


In 2015, 90 IM Alumni attended the UBC IM/REC Staff and Alumni Banquet.  In 2016, we’re shooting for 100 for a 100!

Celebrating UBC’s 100th!

2016 marks an important milestone for UBC’s great history: the UBC Centennial Celebration. In its 100th year of establishment, it is important that the impact of the University campus is recognized and celebrated! Of course, UBC Intramurals has been an important piece of this campus’ history and what better time to celebrate our own rich history than in this exciting year? For our April Alumni Weekend, we are inviting our alumni staff to come celebrate, reconnect, and establish new connections with our current staff!

This exciting weekend, open to all UBC REC/Intramurals alumni, will include several celebrations including a Retro Night, Brunch, Campus Tour, and our classic Spring Staff and Alumni Recognition Banquet.


This year’s recipient of the Marilyn Pomfret Achievement Award: Habib Zargarpour.

At the banquet, we will also be recognizing some of our own difference-makers including current staff and alumni. This year’s very exciting recipient of the Marilyn Pomfret Alumni Achievement Award is the renowned Habib Zargarpour, visual effects art director for many world-famous films including Star Wars, Twister, Star Trek, and The Bourne Identity. Habib’s impressive resume includes work for IMAX, EA Games, and his current placement at Microsoft Game Studios as a Creative Director, just to name a few. We are excited to celebrate Habib’s university and post-graduate work this year, as he is an outstanding example of the impact that UBC Recreation can have on an individual’s future success.

Louise Cowin, Vice-President, Students will be in attendance this year.

Louise Cowin, Vice-President, Students will be in attendance this year.

Newly re-appointed Vice President, Students, Dr. Louise Cowin, is coming to our Banquet!  (Michael Tan, Director, Intramurals and Recreation currently reports to the VP.)  She has not only elected to attend because of UBC’s 100, but she is well aware of the impact that the current program is having on the quality of life on our University campus as well as the emphasizing the importance of working together to re-engage our IM and REC Alumni.  She is coming to show her support and to acknowledge all that we have collectively done whether now and over the years.

Exciting news as of March 2016: In February 2016, the Intramural and Recreation Alumni Council put forward a request to the university seeking a matching fund arrangement.  We are excited to announce that starting in 2016-2017, the university has confirmed a maximum match of $15,000 per year for the next five years.

Besides these exciting details, please see below for more information on the weekend ahead.

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Weekend Details

1 – Friday Night (April 8 2016)

  • Friday Night Retro Pub Night
  • Friday Night Past Full Time Staff Pre-Retro Dinner


2 – Saturday (April 9,2016)

  • Saturday Morning Pre UBC Tour Brunch
  • Saturday Mid Day UBC Tour
  • Saturday Evening Pre Banquet Alumni Reception along with the highlighted Recognition Banquet
  • Saturday Post Recognition Banquet Reception


Retro Pub Night

It's time to break out the IM gear again!

It’s time to break out the IM gear again!

When: Fri, April 8 @ 8:30 pm – late.

Where: The Vancouver Fish Company, Granville Island.

Cost: Non-Hosted

Details: Join us for a night of revelry and reconnecting. The Fish Company has graciously booked us a space where we can mingle and connect.   Wear an article of clothing which represents the year in which you were part of the program.  For example, Nestor tells us that is he going to wear his ‘ole staff striped rugby shirt.  Now, that’s Retro!  So, what do you have in your closet that perhaps you meant to wear out, give away or have since just forgotten?  Dig it out wear it with pride.

Past Full Time Staff Pre-Retro Dinner –

When: Fri, April 8 @ 6:00pm – 8:30pm.

Where: The Vancouver Fish Company, Granville Island.

Cost: Non-Hosted

Details:  As part of UBC’s 100th,  all previous full time staff members are invited to a no host dinner (6:00 pm) at the Fish Company which will take place prior to the Retro Pub Night (which starts at 8:30 pm).  Those early people include Charmaine Wong, Theresa Johannsen, Joanie (Pilcher) Webster, Mona Gibson all the way to our current incredible staff who are also being invited to attend.

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Pre-UBC Tour Brunch

When: Sat, April 9th @ 10:00am – 11:30am

Where: Westward Ho! at the UBC Golf Course, University Boulevard.

Cost: Non-Hosted

Details: Kick off the day’s festivities with Nestor and Joanie at UBC’s best brunch spot!


UBC Campus Tour

The Nest: UBC's new student union building.

The Nest: UBC’s new student union building.

When: Sat, April 9th @ 11:30am – 1:00pm

Where: UBC (leaving from UBC Golf Course)

Details: Join some of our current student staff and facilitators and see what is new on campus! Over the past year there has been many exciting and important changes to the UBC Campus including the addition of The Nest (UBC’s new Student Union Building) and the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.


Intramurals Student Staff and Alumni Spring Pre-event Reception and Recognition Banquet

When: Alumni Reception – Sat, April 9th @ 5:00 – 6:00pm; Dinner – 6:00 – 9:30pm

Nestor and Joanie will alumnus Kerri Bodin.

Nestor and Joanie with REC alumnus Kerri Bodin.

Where: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver on Burrard and Robson.

Cost:  Alumni Rate:  $100. We highly encourage those who are able to make a $25 or more donation to the program that will be matched by the University to a cumulative total of $15,000 annually for 5 years.

Details: The main event! Join us for our recognition banquet for a spectacular dinner and program in Vancouver’s most revered hotel. This formal evening will begin with an Alumni Reception in our own private lounge venue, followed by the joining of the current Intramurals student staff at the recognition banquet. This is a big night and there is lots in store for staff and alumni alike! Registration opening soon!


Why come? Well in the words of Nestor Korchinsky…”One measure of our Program’s success is to be both comforted and amazed at the realization that we have created a tradition on our UBC campus which is the envy of our colleagues and peers across the country, but more importantly, to receive the accolades and gratification of those who today continue where we left off.  One of the touching reasons we as Alumni come to help celebrate with these incredibly talented IM REC Student Administrators is because they asked us to be there.  Now, that should warm the cockles of every heart.  It sure does mine.”


Post Recognition Banquet Reception

When: April 9th following the banquet.

Where: Location TBD (to be a lounge/bar space close to the hotel)

Cost: Non-Hosted

Details: Keep the spirit alive following the banquet and join us at a downtown location where we will continue the fun until late! Can’t come to the banquet but want to join us at the after-celebration? No problem! Just shoot an email to


Registration is now closed.