Registration for IM Alumni Weekend is now closed.

Join us April 8-9 for IM Alumni Weekend

Why should you come?  Because….

  1. It’s UBC’s Cetennial and the Vice President, Students, Louise Cowin is coming to show her support and respect (first time we have ever had a VP presence!!), we need to show ours.
  2. Keep in touch with old friends and celebrate a job well done in helping to create this fabulous Program.
  3. The current Students need to feel that sense of historical tradition and continuation (they too will one day be an Alumnus).
  4. Honouring a  colleague and distinguished REC and IM Alumnus (Oscar Nominee and Winner of two British Academy Film and Television Arts Awards): Mr. Habib Zargarpour.-
  5. And, as usual, Nestor, Joanie, Michael and Jason always look forward to reliving great memories with all of you wonderfully exceptional people!

Registration is now closed.  Please email should you have any questions.