TSC FYI Athlete Feature: Jordan Fitzgerald (Alpine Ski)

This week we had a chance to sit down with Jordan Fitzgerald of the Alpine Ski Thunderbird Sport Club to chat about her first competition year with UBC, here’s how the interview went:

How was your first ski season at UBC?
Its been great! I didn’t really know what to expect as it was my first year competing with the UBC Alpine Ski Sport Club – I knew some people on the team from previous competitions, but coming from Idaho I didn’t know what to expect from UBC.. and I really wasn’t expecting all the rain!

How were the competitions this year?
Overall we had a great season – regionals showcased a great team effort from both our men’s and women’s teams, and was really fun. Our results allowed both the men’s and women’s team to qualify for Nationals this year! Considering that neither of the teams qualified last year and that we’re a team of young athletes with most of us in our first year of racing at UBC, this was a great moment for us. 
The 2015-2016 Alpine Ski Sport Club; Jordan- top row second from the right.
What was it like being on a student-led team?
It was a real team effort! From fundraising to training and competing, everyone worked together. In particular, Kayla was a great Club Lead – she put in countless hours to arrange our competitions.
What’s a piece of advice you can give to other first year student athletes?
You can make it want you want it to be – you can choose to put a lot of effort into training and getting to know the team, or choose not to. But either way, as a first year, it’s a great way to meet a community with common interests!
What can we look forward to with the Alpine Ski Sport Club?
Even though this was the first year many of us worked together, qualifying for Nationals put us in a good position for the years to come. We’ve built a community of young racers and so I look forward to the next 4 years of us continuing to work together and accomplishing even more!


Thanks for all the insight Jordan – we look forward to the years to come! Check out TSC FYI for more exciting content from the TSC community and be sure to follow TSC Alpine Ski on their Instagram!